Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Chasing Boys by Karen Tayleur

El Marini just isn’t fitting into the new life she’s been forced to create without her dad. Life at her new public school would have been unbearable if weren’t for Eric Callahan. As her crush grows to epic proportions, she’ll do anything to be more like the popular girls he notices, even buying the first pink top she’s ever owned. But then she meets Dylan, a quiet artistic-type who is both unnerving and annoying as he shines a light on El’s misguided attempts to attract Eric. El’s need for acceptance will hit home with teens as she finally sees that chasing boys has distracted her from making peace with the past and finding herself.

Chasing Boys is the first YA novel from Australian author Karen Tayleur. It's about family, friendship and growing up. Oh, and boys.

I like books that are about everyday life, so it's no surprise that I really enjoyed this.

El, or Ariel, is instantly likeable, as are her friends, Margot and Desi. I found the book very easy to get into, and was quickly drawn into El's life. It's also surprisingly funny, with much of the humour coming from El's sarcastic comments and thoughts.

At first, I was drawn to Eric, just as El was, because to her, he was the perfect person. However, once Dylan was introduced, I quickly switched sides. I have a thing about the strong, silent type.

The events that follow El's stint in school detention are things that every girl can easily relate to: a disappointment when you realise that he isn't who you thought he was, a parent you don't quite connect with, or a friend that you temporarily drift away from.

Chasing Boys very much reminded me of early Sarah Dessen, and I'd recommend it to fans of her books.

There's just one thing I'd like to ask Karen Tayleur, if I got the chance: how did Dylan get that scar?


Thao said...

I love the cover and the title makes me curious as well. Will read the book as soon as I have a chance to : )

oh and this is random but it's so cool you work at Borders. You must be surrounded with lots of cool books. I'm jealous!

karen tayleur said...

Hi Jenny, just wondering how you got hold of the US edition as I see you are in the UK??