Wednesday, 21 January 2009

News: Lock and Key UK Cover & Release Date

Amazon have finally added the image for the UK cover of Sarah Dessen's Lock and Key; and it's a pretty one. It's in the same style as Just Listen and The Truth About Forever, and is due for release on April 2nd (paperback, £6.99).

So, Dessen fans, what do you think? Which covers do you prefer: US or UK? I personally prefer the UK covers, but buy the US editions because they're hardcover, released earlier and are just generally nicer.


jocelyn said...

I love that so much more than the US cover, which is kind of boring. Doesn't matter too much, though, because the book inside is wonderful.

robin_titan said...

I like this UK one more it's soo much prettier I believe.
The US cover looks so plain compared to this one

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I do like the UK covers better. I need to read this book regardless though. It sounds amazing.