Thursday, 22 January 2009

The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen

Macy witnessed her father's death, but has never figured out how to mourn. Instead, she stays in control–good grades, perfect boyfriend, always neat and tidy–and tries to fake her way to normal. Then she gets a job at Wish Catering. It is run by pregnant, forgetful Delia and staffed by her nephews, Bert and Wes, and her neighbors Kristy and Monica. Working and eventually hanging out with her new friends, Macy sees what it's like to live an unprescripted lifestyle, from dealing with kitchen fires to sneaking out at night, and slowly realizes it's not so bad to be human.

The Truth About Forever is one of my all time favourite YA novels. I love it, and I love Sarah Dessen (and I'm talking hardcore author love here... I REALLY like her books).

The character of Macy is so layered and complex that it becomes very hard to get your head out of her world.

Due to her father's death, Macy struggles to feel, and, ultimately, to live. When she unexpectedly meets a new group of people, she soon realises that there is more to life than being perfect, and that not everything is ours to control. She also realises that death is dealt with in many different ways, and that sometimes the only thing you need is the truth.

Which leads me to Wes: the boy who never lies. I'd go so far as to say that Wes is on my list of top three male literary characters (along with Edward Cullen and Seth from Wicked Lovely), and he's my favourite character from all of Sarah Dessen's books. He and Macy instantly click, but in a quiet and reserved way. He helps her live in the present, see herself for what she is, and realise that perfection is not the answer to her grief.

Sarah Dessen's books are all absolutely brilliant, but The Truth About Forever is my personal favourite. It's the one that I will undoubtedly revisit in the future, and the one I recommend to every YA reader that I meet.

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Katie said...

oh I almost bought this one today at the bookstore but didn't have enough money. :(