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Author Interview: Sarah Rees Brennan

Sarah Rees Brennan is the debut author of the brilliant The Demon's Lexicon. I was so excited about the book that I had to ask her some questions, and luckily, she had enough time to answer them! Thanks, Sarah!


What was your road to publication like?

It was totally easy and problem free. All I had to do was write book after book for twenty years, gathering experience and maybe a few actual skills, hurling things at the wall and giving up, picking them all back up again... simple!

I will say that the impulse to query Kristin Nelson, my agent, at the dead of night - best decision ever. The road to publication's been so much smoother since she took the helm.

Why did you choose to write for a YA audience?

I never really made a choice: unless 'going for the most awesome thing' is a choice. I was introduced to fantasy via YA - Margaret Mahy's The Changeover, to be specific - and so it's always been my first and best love.

Where did you get the unusual idea to have magicians making deals with demons?

I wish it was my idea: I got it from German myths and legends. I read one old German book, Hexenhammer, which was a serious text warning everyone about witches and the dreadful things they got up to with demons to get power!

The Goblin Market sounds like such a cool place. Is it based on any real locations?

Well, it's set near in the woods near Tiverton, which is a tiny and very real town in Devon, England, which I've visited. It's a lovely town, pretty much just village-sized, and nearby is a mound of earth that used to be Cranmore Castle, and forests and hills. Definitely a little otherworldly. The Market itself moves around, and so though we see it in Tiverton it'll be in other locations in later books. The air of the market is a little bit inspired by bazaars I've seen in Spain and South America.

Now for the hard question... Alan or Nick?

Depends... for life, or just for one magical night? ;)

Do you prefer the US or UK Demon's Lexicon cover, and will we be seeing Alan on the next book?

I like them the same in different ways: I love how noir the UK one looks, and how eyecatching the US one is, and of course the secret sword cover underneath. I don't think we will be seeing Alan on the next book: I think probably it'll be Mae, as she narrates it, but you never know!

Have you completely finished book 2 in the series, The Demon's Covenant, or are there still revisions to work on?

I am still editing it, I'm afraid! *looks guiltily over at her pile of papers*

More importantly, how long will we have to wait until we can get our mitts on The Demon's Covenant?

It comes out June 2010. But there will be a short story about Nick and Alan up on www.sarahreesbrennan.com as a Christmas present to my readers!

If a magician threatened to destroy your bookshelf, and you could only save 3 books, which would they be?

Sarah Waters's The Little Stranger, as it's long and I haven't finished it yet, The Complete Works of Jane Austen (it's in one volume, it totally counts) and... hmmm... let me see, City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare, as I have to have at least one YA in there and it had to be a long one that I love!

Whatever possessed you to live on a diet of ketchup? (lol!)

I just really liked ketchup when I was a kid! I'll make a confession... to this day, I still enjoy toasted marshmallows and ketchup. (Don't look at me like that...)

Are there any upcoming YA books you're looking forward to?

Oh yes: Holly Black's The White Cat, Heidi R Kling's Sea, Malinda Lo's Ash and Cassandra Clare's The Clockwork Angel.


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Luisa said...

Brilliant interview - I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! I really agree with this: 'going for the most awesome thing'. And I know Tiverton very well! Now I'm even more intrigued about this book.

Thank you, both of you!

So Many Books, So Little Time said...

Great interview! Sarah sounds awesome. I'm now more excited about reading her book!

Jo said...

Awesome interview, Jenny! That was so cool! Oh I so get the ketchup thing! People think it weird that I'll have ketchup with a pie, or will have a chip butty, with ketchup spread over on top of the butter. Ketchup is amazing! :D

Kate said...

Wicked interview :)
I love ketchup! I have the "Demon's Lexicon" and after all the great reviews I'll read it soon.

Fantastic Book Review said...

Great interview Jenny! Sarah's cool! It's nice to know that the 2nd book will be told by Mae.

Bookgeek said...

Nice interview. Now pushing the book way high on my TBR pile. But still thinking about toasted marshmallows and ketchup!

Khy said...

"Depends... for life, or just for one magical night? ;)"

I cannot even begin to describe how hard I laughed at this. And the ketchup thing.

I <3 SRB.

21 said...

Great interview! I totally want that book, I love the whole brother dynamic thing, so different from sisterhood, which is all I know.

21 said...

Howdy! I have something new for your sidebar at crackinspines.blogspot.com! ;)