Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Author Interview: Dean Vincent Carter

Thanks to Dean for answering my questions!


Can you tell us how you got your book published with Random House?

I was at the Transworld/Random House Children’s Books Christmas party and happened to sit at the same table as Charlie Sheppard a senior editor. it soon became clear to her that I was the ‘Dean Carter’ who had been sending silly emails around the company. She asked if I’d written anything and I said I'd started writing a horror story for adults. I gave her the first six chapters of The Hand of the Devil and she thought it was great!

What inspired Blood Water?

Blood Water was partly inspired by the terrible flooding that affected parts of the UK in 2007. A number of small towns suffered a lot of damage at the time and it was understandably a very scary time for all involved. I thought this would make a great setting for a creature story, since the chances of escaping during such a catastrophic natural event would be greatly reduced.

I really liked how the parasite had human qualities, like thoughts and feelings. Was this intentional from the start?

Not really, but as the story progressed I found it necessary to know what the creature would be thinking and what its motivation was. My editor Charlie also suggesed giving the reader a bit more of an insight into the creatures decision-making and its goals.

Did you have to do any scientific research in order to write Dr. Morrow's notes?

No, this was all theoretical. I made sure I didn't write anything too specific in case I made major errors.

There are some quite gory scenes throughout the book. Did you have to edit any of them, to make the book suitable for a teen audience?

I have had to tone down some of the gore in previous books, but I think all the nasty scenes I wrote for Blood Water pretty much remained unchanged.

It's great to see the teen horror genre make a reappearance. Will you be writing any more in the future?

Definitely. I'm working on a fourth now and have had ideas for future teen horror books that I'm excited about. I think it's a great genre that tends to be more fast-paced than a lot of adult fiction, has less unnecessary description and gets to the point a lot quicker. Saying that, a lot of adults read teenage fiction, so it crosses boundaries.

Are you a fan of horror films? If so, which are your favourites?

I do enjoy a good horror! My favourites are probably The Exorcist (which seems to remain unsettling no matter how many times I see it), The Shining, Evil Dead 2, SAW and far too many more to mention.


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So Many Books, So Little Time said...

I'm not usually a fan of horror but Blood Water sounds really good.

Chicklish said...

Great interview! Thanks. I am an ex-horror fan and some day I really want to return to it! This book sounds great - I love the sound of the creature, and the flood setting.

Juju said...

This sounds amazing. I'm not a fan of horror but I do like apocalyptic stories so I'm off to add this to my list right now. Thank you. Great interview.