Friday, 3 July 2009

Secrets at St Jude's: Jealous Girl by Carmen Reid

From Amazon: Gina is back from spending her summer holidays in LA - and straight into a hectic new term at St Jude's, her stuffy but weirdly fun Scottish boarding school. Her budding romance with Dermot, the boy who works in the local cafe, has been fueled over the summer by emails and phone calls - but now she's back on Scottish soil, their reunion doesn't seem to be going as planned. Is he really the boy for her?

Jealous Girl
is just as fun as the first book in the hilariously funny St Jude's series. It picks up shortly after New Girl left off, and starts with Gina leaving America for her Scottish boarding school. It's great to see the whole St Jude's gang back together, and their antics are as ridiculous as ever.

This book mostly centres around a school Halloween party, and a visit to Niffy's house. Both lead to new revelations and rekindled relationships, with some impromptu suspected stalking and a very funny brush with the town chavs. The plot is easy to follow, and is one that makes you wonder if you were like that at this age. For embarrassments sake, I really hope I wasn't!

This series is the perfect summer read, and is one that I'll definitely be revisiting in the future. Anyone who likes UK teen fiction about friendship, romance and school will love it, and should start reading as soon as possible. I can't wait for book three, coming in February 2010!


Chicklish said...

I need to catch up with this - I haven't read the first one yet! Sounds great, and great review! Thanks.

(Sorry for deleting above - I meant to comment as Chicklish! Am confused. :) )

So Many Books, So Little Time said...

This sounds like a really great read. I haven't read the first one either.

Thao said...

I remembered reading the review of the first book just a short time ago. Book 2 sounded even greater. I'd definitely pick this series up if I had a chance.

Marie said...

I haven't heard of these... looks cute though!

Bookworm said...

Oooh...I wish these books were out in the Us!!!!

Kate said...

This sounds like a great series :D
I should read it. Thanks for an excellent review :)

Anonymous said...

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