Saturday, 29 August 2009

News: Cool New Covers!

I saw this over at Book Chick City's blog, and had to post it. How nice is this cover? It's definitely my favourite of the three. I love the style of this series, and all the rich, shadowy colours. Very cool.


For any It Girl fans out there, Headline have released the UK cover for Devious, the ninth book in the series. They seem to get better and better, and whoever came up with this idea deserves some sort of cover award. I love them!


And last but not least, self-published YA fantasy author Irven Keppen's second book in the Legends of Midralon series has just been released, and includes this brilliant cover. It makes me want to watch LoTR and Narnia, and, oh yeah, read the book!


Jo said...

I love the Shadowland cover. I'm ashamed to say I've yet to read Alyson Noel's Evermore series (does it have an actual series name?), but I sooo want to! I just need to find me some money, and a watch that will stop time, then I can read to my heart's content!

Thao said...

^ I think it's called The Immortal series :)

I love the cover for Shadowland too, it'll sure win a lot of love from the readers.

Bookworm said...

Once again, another cool UK It Girl cover!

Jessica Kennedy said...

The cover for Shadowland is nice but I'm not interested. Evermore and Blue Moon were enough Alyson Noel to last me a life time.

ETA: Geesh, grammar errors galore! :)

bks2plz said...

I am a new author and I would like to get your review of my new fantasy book. It has just been released on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles.

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Meanwhile, Pete’s eight-year-old brother, Jason, has been having powerful dreams that lead him to a mysterious realm known as DreamWorld. Jason discovers that all of his desires can come true in DreamWorld, but the time is fast approaching when he will have to choose between his two worlds.

And when more devastating news strikes at the heart of the Colby family, Jason and Pete set out on a desperate attempt to find the Gateway to DreamWorld and save their family. With time running out on their dangerous path, will Jason and Pete’s fear of the Unknown keep them from reaching the paradise of their dreams?
Brenda Estacio

So Many Books, So Little Time said...

I love the covers for the It Girl books and Shadowland.