Thursday, 24 September 2009

GIVEAWAY: Win & books! (UK only)

Thanks to Galactus, I have one (1) copy of Crisis Point and one (1) copy of Power Surge by Andy Briggs to give away.

Crisis Point:

The Hero Foundation is a shadow of its former self and Lord Eon - the most terrible supervillain ever - is still at large. Worse, he has hatched a plan to tear apart time. Toby and his superhero friends should be able to stop him . . . but Pete has woken from his coma a different person and Lorna has disappeared. In the titanic struggle that will follow, friendships will be tested and superhero powers strained to the limit as time runs out for the world . . . literally . . .

Power Surge:

Schoolboy supervillain, Jake Hunter, has taken his seat on the Council of Evil. Now he will live his dream - exact revenge on the cruel world. But the cruel world has other plans, and they come in the shape of the Hero Foundation. Jake's not scared of the Hero Foundation. He even has a plan to turn it to the dark side. Until it gets a new member - Jake's own sister. Is he really so villainous as try to get her out of the way?

For more information on these books, visit their microsite at Which side are you on? , where you can also enter to win Playsatation 3 with £100 of vouchers.

To enter, just email your name and address to, by Thursday October 8th. This giveaway is open to UK residents only.

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Sassy Brit said...

Oh yes, please! I'd love to win this, so count me in. Email on it's way - right now! :)