Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Waiting On Wednesday: The Unwritten Rule

Waiting on Wednesday idea from Jill at Breaking the Spine.


The Unwritten Rule by Elizabeth Scott

* Published by: Simon Pulse
* Format: Hardcover
* Release Date:
April 6th, 2010 (US)
* On Amazon: here

From Goodreads:
Everyone knows the unwritten rule. You don't like your best friend's boyfriend. Sarah has had a crush on Ryan for years. He's easy to talk to, supersmart, and totally gets her. Lately it even seems like he's paying extra attention to her. Everything would be perfect except for two things: Ryan is Brianna's boyfriend, and Brianna is Sarah's best friend. Sarah forces herself to avoid Ryan and tries to convince herself not to like him. She feels so guilty for wanting him, and the last thing she wants is to hurt her best friend. But when she's thrown together with Ryan one night, something happens. It's wonderful...and awful. Sarah is torn apart by guilt, but what she feels is nothing short of addiction, and she can't stop herself from wanting more.

Do I need to say anything other than I love Elizabeth Scott's books? They're brilliant!


Chicklish said...

Ooh, I love Elizabeth Scott's books too, and I can't wait to read this one!

Thao said...

This book has the best cover everrrrr :) Well, at least of all Elizabeth Scott's books.

So Many Books, So Little Time said...

I really need to catch up on her books. I feel so behind!

B.A.M. Book Reviews said...

Great pick this week!! I heard some wonderful things about this book, I want to read it too! :)


Kate said...

This sounds really good. I really should read something by Elizabeth Scott.

Ladybug said...

I have yet to read a book by Elizabeth Scott, this book sounds good!

Here's my wow pick.

YA Vampire Books said...

looks like a great book! Elizabeth Scott is a great author!

Loraine said...

I just read the book, I enjoyed reading your review, here's mine:

Have a nice day! :)