Sunday, 8 November 2009

In My Mailbox #42: New Books This Week (+ vlog)

In My Mailbox idea from Kristi @ The Story Siren, and all descriptions from Amazon.

Hey guys! I've done a vlog to go along with my post this week, because I suddenly got an urge to try it. I don't think it will be a regular thing, but I might do a few. Please don't laugh at me! (But you can if you want to - I won't mind!) :)


For review:

Out of Shadows
by Jason Wallace
(UK proof/ARC. Apparantly this is amazing!)

Zimbabwe, 1980s The war is over, independence has been won and Robert Mugabe has come to power offering hope, land and freedom to black Africans. It is the end of the Old Way and the start of a promising new era. For Robert Jacklin, it's all new: new continent, new country, new school. And very quickly he learns that for some of his classmates, the sound of guns is still loud, and their battles rage on ...white boys who want their old country back, not this new black African government. Boys like Ivan. Clever, cunning Ivan. For him, there is still one last battle to fight, and he's taking it right to the very top.


Private: Revelation, Paradise Lost
& Last Christmas by Kate Brian
(I was so excited when I opened this package!)

Private begins with the introduction of Reed Brennan, a savvy and ambitious honors student who enters the prestigious Easton Academy private school. Coming from a shaken family and a mundane everyday life, she is eager to explore the brand new setting that awaits her in Connecticut. Unexpectedly, the center of her fascination soon becomes a famed sorority known as Billings House and the posh girls who reside there—Noelle, Ariana, Kiran, and Taylor.


Willoughby's Return
by Jane Odiwe
(Thanks Jane! I loved Lydia Bennet's Story, so can't wait to read this!)

In Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility, when Marianne Dashwood marries Colonel Brandon, she puts her heartbreak over dashing scoundrel John Willoughby in the past.

Three years later, Willoughby's return throws Marianne into a tizzy of painful memories and exquisite feelings of uncertainty. Willoughby is as charming, as roguish, and as much in love with her as ever. And the timing couldn't be worse—with Colonel Brandon away and Willoughby determined to win her back, will Marianne find the strength to save her marriage, or will the temptation of a previous love be too powerful to resist?


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The Book Bug said...

Nice Vlog! I really want splendour. Never read any house of night and private novels though.

Karen said...

Not boring at all Jenny. Very good vlog. Great haul too.

LovesSam said...

I love it!!! and love the books too, but how couldn't I? happy reading x

Lori(Pure Imagination) said...

Great vlog!! Hold Still is really great!!

Keren David said...

Great vlog - really good idea. Wow, you have a lot of books to read.

Luisa said...

Yay! How fantastic to see you and hear you! Loved it! And great books, too. Happy reading!

Rebecca said...

Great books you got this week. I love the covers of the Pretty Little Liars series. I want to get splendour but I'm waiting for the version called Splendour. Hope you enjoy reading all your books.

Becky said...

Really enjoyed watching your vlog. Looking forward to reading your review of Private. Love the cover.

So Many Books, So Little Time said...

Great vlog! I can't wait to read Splendor. Hope you enjoy all your your books!

Book Chick City said...

So nice to see the face behind the blog - well done on the vlog. I have thought if doing one but not sure I'm brave enough ;) Lots of great books. Have fun reading them all!

reviewsbylola said...

I love your vlog! Looks like you got some good books this week.

Karen Mahoney said...

Yay! Loved your vlog. It's so cool to see you in person. :)

austenfan said...

The Ex Games is a very fun read! Hope you enjoy your books! :)

Cat said...

Wow, Jenny, all I want you to do in your next video is just say "Persnickety Snark" over and over. HA! It sounds so much cooler when you say it. ;)

I like the video and I don't even watch videos normally. *grin* You got a ton of stuff, yowza! I am no longer a fan of the House of Night series and therefore didn't even spend the money on the last two books as they were in hard cover and insanely priced for their size! I might think about it when they are in paperback, but I am not sure.

elnice said...

I love you vlog. Your accent is great! Looks like you have tons of great books to read.

Nina said...

Great vlog, I love the cover of that private book. Beautiful.

Enjoy al the wonderful books you got.


The Story Siren said...

yay a vlog! that was so much fun! and you got a ton of books!! you should to more vlogs! hope you enjoy all your books! happy reading!

Emily said...

Lovee the private series!

I Want To Read That said...

Loved the vlog - you should do more:) I'm really looking forward to Hold Still - I have it on order so hopefully I'll get it soon. Hope you enjoy all your books:)

The Book Owl said...

So many awesome books! I hope you enjoy them. I love people with accents by the way. Your vlog made me smile. :)

Tena said...

the Private series was awesome!
Happy reading