Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Waiting On Wednesday: Mortlock

Waiting on Wednesday idea from Jill at Breaking the Spine.


Mortlock by Jon Mayhew

* Published by: Bloomsbury (UK)
* Format: Hardcover (UK)
* Release Date:
April 5th, 2010 (UK)
* On Amazon: here.

From Amazon:
The sister is a knife-thrower in a magician's stage act, the brother an undertaker's assistant. Neither orphan knows of the other's existence. Until, that is, three terrible Aunts descend on the girl's house and imprison her guardian, the Great Cardamom. His dying act is to pass the girl a note with clues to the secret he carries to his grave. Cardamom was one of three explorers on an expedition to locate the legendary Amarant, a plant with power over life and death. Now, pursued by flesh-eating crow-like ghuls, brother and sister must decode the message and save themselves from its sinister legacy.

I love the sound of this book, and I absolutely love the cover. Flesh-eating crow things sound fantastic, as does a plant with power over life and death. I can't wait for this one!


Rhiannon Hart said...

Does sound good! I love the creepy cover.

KatieDoll said...

Ive never heard of this one but it sounds awesome!

Maria said...

Sounds good. I love the cover.

Steph Su said...

Sign me up for this one as well! Hehe.

KatW said...

I've followed Jon's blog for the past couple of years & it's great to see that Mortlock's publication date is so close. I've a feeling that this will be a great book.

So Many Books, So Little Time said...

This sounds...interesting. Not sure it's my cup of tea. Though I do like the cover!

Jon M said...

A little belated but thanks ever so much for the positive comments! I hope you enjoy the inside of the book as much. It might interest you to know that the cover has 'morphed' ever so slightly now and can be seen on my blog at I don't know how I missed this but will put up a link to this blog. Some great reviews! Thanks again.