Friday, 1 January 2010

Review: Darklight by Lesley Livingston

Publisher: HarperTeen
Format: Hardcover
Released: December 22nd, 2009
Grade: C

Amazon summary:

Much has changed since autumn, and now Kelley is stuck in New York City, rehearsing Romeo and Juliet and missing Sonny, while Sonny has been forced back to the Otherworld and into a deadly game of cat and mouse with the remaining Hunters and Queen Mabh herself. When a terrifying encounter sends Kelley tumbling into the Otherworld, her reunion with Sonny is joyful but destined to be cut short. An ancient, hidden magick is stirring, and a dangerous new enemy is willing to risk everything to claim that power. Caught in a web of Faerie deception and shifting allegiances, Kelley and Sonny must tread carefully, for each next step could topple a kingdom... or tear them apart.


I'm a big fan of Livingston's first book in this series, so I was really looking forward to Darklight. It didn't captivate me as much as Wondrous Strange did, though to be fair, it did have quite a lot to live up to.

Sonny was my favourite character in Wondrous Strange, but he really annoyed me in Darklight. He suddenly turned into a jealous idiot, and made me question whether he really should be with Kelley. I didn't pick up on their initial romantic spark and, frankly, some of their interactions seemed forced. Fenn more than made up for Sonny's strange change, and by the end of the book, I was hoping Kelley would open her eyes and see Fenn's appeal.

One thing I always love about Livingston's world is the mixture of characters. Faeries, sprites, leprechauns and ogres are just some of the creatures who turn up in Darklight, and each one is magical and fascinating. Sadly, my favourite little ankle-licking garden gnome didn't make an appearance, though I'm hoping he pops up in book three.

Darklight's ending really redeemed the previous 250 pages, and I'm genuinely excited to see what happens in the final book in the series. I think there could be an epic faerie battle, a death or two and hopefully some Kelley/Fenn lovin'. I feel quite bad switching sides, but, well... Sonny was like a shadow of his Wondrous Strange self. Saying that, at least he still remembered how to kick some faerie ass!


Becky said...

I haven't read Wondrous Strange so I'm a long way from this one. I like the idea that there are an interesting mix of fantastical species but I am sick and tired of reading storylines of jealous boyfriends. A thought-provoking review :-)

So Many Books, So Little Time said...

Faeries, sprites, leprechauns and ogres...I'm so reading this series!

Thao said...

That's sad you didn't enjoy this as much as the first book. Maybe the next will be much better though. I have to get my hands on this series ^^

Just Your Typical Book Blog said...

That sucks you didn't enjoy it that much! I'm with you though, I'm so excited to see book three with how she ended this one.

Sab H. said...

Exactly what I though!!!
Thanks for putting it in better words than I did! HA! Great review Jenny!

Sara said...

Great review! I liked their strained relationship - but I'm a huge fan of soap operas too - so that probably made a difference. Though, I could totally see Fenrys appeal. I"m still a Sonny fan though! I hope you like book 3! :D

Dannie said...

These covers always look so lovely, but I haven't read the first one :P

Lauren said...

Interesting review. I'm always meaning to pick up a copy of Wondrous Strange, but whenever I'm picking out books something else always appeals more, despite the fact that I've heard so many good things about it. I actually find the idea of jealousy in (real and fictional) relationships really annoying, so I can totally relate to your change of heart.

Book Monster said...

I was looking forward to this book, until I found out that it doesn't come out til Feb,2 2010 in Canada :( That made me sad. I've seen mixed reviews about this one, but I'm still excited to read it.
Great review.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what book 3 is going to be called? And when it's coming out?

Anonymous said...

i loved the 1st book so much more.