Saturday, 4 September 2010

Review: Rapunzel's Revenge by Shannon, Dean & Nathan Hale

Publisher: Bloomsbury
Format: Paperback
Released: October 6th, 2008
Grade rating: B/B+

Amazon summary:

Escaping from the enchanted tree where Mother Gothel imprisoned her, Rapunzel sets off alone through the ghost towns and Badlands of Gothel's Reach. She is determined to find Gothel's Villa and teach Mother Gothel a long-overdue lesson for her years of treachery and lies, and help her real mother get out of the mine camps where Mother Gothel has kept her enslaved. Rapunzel's adventures take her across a country much akin to the Wild Wild West, where she is soon wanted - dead or alive - for horse thieving, kidnapping, jail breaking and using her hair in a manner other than nature intended!


I didn't like Rapunzel's Revenge quite as much as Calamity Jack, but I still really enjoyed it. I've come to learn that graphic novels are a fun addition to my usual reading, and they're a great way to spend a couple of hours.

I read this series out of order, so I was glad that Rapunzel's Revenge answered a few of the questions I was left with after finishing Calamity Jack. I got more of the Jack/Rapunzel relationship progression I was missing, and also learnt why Rapunzel's long lasso-type hair is no longer attached to her head.

The Rapunzel retelling itself is witty and unusual, and I love how the Wild West is seamlessly included in the story. It provides an adventurous backdrop for the characters, and gives Nathan Hale a lot of scope when it comes to his excellent artwork.

I wasn't as fond of the tale in this first book, and it didn't appeal to me as much as Jack and his giant-infested beanstalk. I'm going to blame that on my love of Calamity Jack, in which Jack features more. Rapunzel might be a cool girl with mad braid skills, but she's no charming man with a tendency to swoop in and save the damsel in distress. I go for the big strong man every time - I can't help it!


So Many Books, So Little Time said...

It's a shame you didn't enjoy this as much as the first. But I completely get the attraction of the big strong man!

Sarah said...

LOVE your last comment. I totally admit to having a crush on the big strong man too. But I definitely still need to read this book!

The Book Bug said...

Fab review! I just read Calamity Jack, which was good. As a nerd I completely geek out when people review comics and right now I am refraining from reccomending every comic I have read.

But, what I will say is that Joss Whedon wrote Runaways. Just sayin'.

asamum said...

Oh these sound fab. Thanks for the review :D