Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Author Interview: Rebecca Maizel

Big thanks to Rebecca for answering my questions about her debut novel, Infinite Days. It's about vampires... check it out!


I think it's quite unusual to read a story about a vampire reverting back to their human form. What inspired that aspect of Infinite Days?

I was inspired by the depths of Lenah's emotional darkness. I was drawn to her character, a character who had done evil, reprehensible things but then was offered a chance to do good. I also wanted to take away any culpability for her evilness. I wanted her to have agency but I also wanted her to be a victim of her evilness. In a way, I think those of us who make poor choices when we are young have to deal with this. We are constrained by our own naivety or our own ignorance. So many people go through this in their everyday lives. They do horrible things, things they aren't proud of and then are faced with the next day - a new day. A day to make it right. Lenah's humanity is sort of a metaphor for this. I'm not sure how much of this I knew as I was writing but when I look back on my life and what was important to me a year or so ago, this balance between good/evil/intention was definitely a big part of my mind and thoughts.

Lenah experiences things that are part of everyday normality for us, such as new technology and transport etc. If you were in her shoes, which part of modern life would you be most excited about?

Music definitely. I'm always amazed by how quiet the world must have been 100-200 years ago. There was no background music, no whir of machines. This is incredible to Lenah, to come back to the world and be able to press a button and listen to opera!

Did you originally plan for Rhode to be a main character? (I loved him, by the way!)

Oh, that's a tough question and thank you! I love him too. I knew Rhode was special. That he was strong and romantic and that Lenah loved him in a way that was nearly impossible for her to duplicate in her human world. I think that's the nature of her love for Justin. It ISN'T the same as her love for Rhode. It can't be - she is human and the love she feels for Rhode is immortal. Justin is flesh and humanity. Rhode is blood and blood lust. Rhode is also timelessness. Rhode is flowers, herbs and sword fighting. A lot of people have been comparing Rhode and Justin but they aren't comparable. Rhode is Lenah as a supernatural being. Justin is what she wants as a human.

Are you a fan of other vampire fiction, movies and TV shows? If yes, what are some of your favourites?

I really try not to read or watch any other vampire TV shows or films. It's really important to me to let the characters motivate the story and I don't want to be influenced by any other points of view on the vampire lore. But I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Love x a million. [Rebecca, we can definitely be friends!]

Your US and UK covers are very different, especially the dark and light contrast of colours. Do you have a preference?

I like them both in completely different ways. The photographer for the UK book is absolutely amazing. Her name is Elizabeth May. Here's a link to her photography.

I see her pictures and I want to disappear into another world with her. But I also LOVE what the US cover captures. Lenah's wonder is especially captured in the wide eyes of the US cover. Lenah's darkness and mystery is captured in the UK. So it's really equal for me. You should look at the German cover on my blog - IT'S AMAZING.

Can you tell us anything about book 2, Stolen Nights?

I can tell you that everything - absolutely everything Lenah has counted on goes to hell. Nothing and no one at Wickham is safe. Oh, and much more Rhode.


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Savannah said...

Great interview :) I am so looking forward to reading her second book!!

Leigh said...

Cool interview and an interesting take on the vampire model. Looking forward to the book.