Friday, 15 October 2010

Crescendo Week: Movie Discussion - Cast the Characters!

I don't know about you guys, but I REALLY want a Hush, Hush movie. How cool would that be? To see Patch in all his glory on the big screen, with... nah, that's all I really want to see. Apologies for my shallow-ness, but you know what this guy's supposed to look like. Drop-dead hotness, in case you need reminding ;)

Sometimes when I read books, I get a pretty clear idea of who I'd like to play the characters in a movie adaptation. You might not agree with all of them, and bear in mind some of their physical attributes would have to be changed to match Becca's vision of things, but here are my choices for some key characters from Hush, Hush and Crescendo!

Feel free to comment with your own ideal cast - I'd love to hear who you'd choose!



This is a bit of an unusual one I think, but the whole time I was reading Hush, Hush and Crescendo, I saw this guy as Patch. It's Danny O'Donoghue - lead singer from Irish band The Script. He's got the perfect Patch hair, height and attitude. I love him! (He probably can't act, but hey-ho!)


My Hush, Hush Facebook Fan Group alerted me to this model, Louis Prades. Again, check out his hair and his ripped bod... he's like an older Taylor Lautner. I wouldn't mind watching him with angel wings and a protective streak!



If you ignore the hair colour, I think Hilarie Burton of One Tree Hill fame would be perfect for Nora. She has the curls, the slightly innocent look, and a tendency to make stupid decisions (well, at least Peyton did!). Also, she can be a tiny bit irritating, which I think is one of Nora's worst traits.



For Vee, I think Leighton Meester (Blair in Gossip Girl) fits the bill. She's friendly and open like Vee, and she has that girl-next-door look going on. Also, I can see her being over enthusiastic about things, while still being super supportive and occasionally smarter than Nora.



Here we have Ryan Gosling as Nora's dad Harrison. I'm sure a lot of you have seen his performance as Noah in The Notebook, and wil agree he's pretty amazing when it comes to his acting skills. It's his look (very 'dad', yes?) that I think screams Harrison Grey, though admittedly he could do with being 5/6 years older.



So, who would be the right actress for bitchy Marcie? Why, Minka Kelly, of course! Not that she's really that horrible, but in Friday Night Lights (which is an amazing show, by the way!) her character Lyla starts off as a bit of a spoilt brat. I think she could pull off the part of Marcie with no problem - banter between her and Hilarie Burton would be well worth watching!



You remember Andrew Keegan in 10 Things I Hate About You, right? He's the ultimate smarmy, idiotic jock without a care in the world. Scott from Crescendo is *just* like this, though perhaps not quite as bad. He does have a semi-nice side, which I don't recall Joey Donner ever possessing. That was part of his charm (or lack thereof), though!


lanna-lovely said...

I love fan cast posts. <3 I haven't read Hush Hush yet (it's in my TBR pile), but I like your cast... except for the first guy as Patch, he freaks me out a little but Louis Prades totally brings the pretty. <3

Bee said...

Louis Prades screams 'Patch' to me :P said...

Marcie and Scott are right on sista!

Leanna (Daisy Chain Book Reviews) said...

I love movie cast posts! I can't stand The Script, so I couldn't have him as Patch, but I like the other guy! I think Leighton is too skinny to play Vee (they always mention that she's curvaceous. Not sure who I'd get to play her though). I always imagine Marcie as a blonde - maybe Taylor Momsen. She can do bitchy well. She does slutty well too. lol!

jamie_mayorga said...

Marice! is the only one who fits the discription!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

haha kool i like tem all but i agree with leanna the girl playing vee is too skinny and scott i think should be a little hotter oh and the gut playing noras dad is so wrong he could be her bro or somthing!!!!! oh and one last thing nora looks nothing like that she has brown hair idiots!!!

Anonymous said...

well louis yes for patch but maybe not find someone who look dangerous rigeied

Kacy Hostetter said...

I love your cast! but Ryan Gosling is a little to young, he doesn't look much older then the girl you have for Nora. he looks more like her older brother:( but acting wise he wouldn't be that bad, who knows in the movie they could make him look older!