Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Guest Post: Elizabeth Eulberg's Year in Music!

Elizabeth Eulberg

The Year in Music (According to my Ipod)

I listen to music constantly – when I’m working, writing, at the gym, while I go to sleep… I pretty much won’t walk more than a block without my iPod. I have to say that this year had some great musical moments, at least in my humble opinion. So without further ado, my top five albums of 2010!


I’ve been a huge Arcade Fire fan since the release of Funeral in 2004 (“Wake Up” is one of my favorite songs of all time). This was the album I was looking forward to the most this year and it is without a doubt my Album of the Year for 2010. The album was streamed online the day before it was released and I spent the entire day listening to it. I ended up seeing them in concert two days later and was surprised with how many songs I was already singing along to. A must!

Favorite tracks: “The Suburbs,” “Ready to Start,” “Empty Room,” “City With No Children,” “Suburban War,” “Month of May,” “We Used to Wait” (I realize I should’ve just put the entire album!)


This was technically released in 2009, but I didn’t get it until earlier this year, however I had to include it since I listened to it non-stop for nearly the whole year. I saw Florence a couple weeks ago in concert and they were truly amazing live. Her voice hit every note and she mesmerized the entire audience.

Favorite tracks: “Dog Days Are Over,” “Drumming Song,” “Cosmic Love,” and “Hurricane Drunk”


My brilliant editor (and music consigliere) David Levithan introduced me to this Scottish rock band. I found myself listening to this album back-to-back for almost an entire week. Funny story – I made a joke about prioritizing getting Frightened Rabbit tickets over turning on my air conditioner on Twitter. The band retweeted it (had a total fangirl moment!) and then some jerk complained to them about retweeting something “so silly” and the band rushed to my defense. It was a very surreal afternoon.

Favorite tracks: “Nothing Like You” and “Living in Colour”


A friend asked me to see this band earlier this year at a very small venue in NYC, but I couldn’t go. I’m kicking myself now since I got their album a couple months later and loved it.

Favorite tracks: “The Cave,” “Winter Winds,” and “Little Lion Man”


This is a “supergroup” comprised of members from Snow Patrol, REM, Belle and Sebastian, among others. As a “superfan” of Snow Patrol’s, I was eagerly awaiting this album. It did not disappoint. Tired Pony only did three concerts this year and I got to go to the NYC one. It is always awe-inspiring to see such talented musicians performing together.

Favorite tracks: “Northwestern Skies,” “That Silver Necklace,” “Dead American Writers,” and “I am a Landslide”

I’ve also had a great year of concert experiences. Not surprisingly, I’ve seen all of the above bands in concert this year except for one (Mumford & Sons – this must be corrected!). I’m hesitant to say what my favorite concert of the year was since I have Prince coming up in a couple weeks, and he is still the record holder for my favorite concert of all time (the pressure is on!). All of the above were incredible, but I also highly recommend seeing The Editors, Temper Trap, Phoenix, Broken Bells, and OK Go live if they ever come to your area.

Oh, and I also saw Glee live – AMAZING! Jane Lynch surprised everybody by coming out in full Sue Sylvester track suit and I think I screamed louder than the kids around me. Yep, I’m a total Gleek.

You know, as I read through this, I realize that Prince should be frightened, really, really frightened. He’s got one heck of a year to live up to!

To a 2011 filled with more awesome music!
XO, Elizabeth


Thanks so much for this, Elizabeth! I'm so glad you like Florence and the Machine ( it's no secret that I LOVE her) and Tired Pony... yay! Elizabeth's new book, Prom & Prejudice, is published in January, but I think some places are shipping it now. I already have my copy on order! :)


asamum said...

I love all the above. I havent heard of Tired Pony but am going to rectify that NOW ;D

Alice Dwyer said...

Great post. I love Florence and the Machine and Mumford and Sons. I think I'm going to have to buy her books just based on her great music taste :)

Just Your Typical Book Blog said...

I haven't heard ANY of these songs before but my music-loving-self is now going to go check them out!

Amy said...

Ah! Since we have some in common, I'll have to check out the others for sure! xoxo Can't wait to read Prom and Prejudice

Pisinat said...

We are SO musically compatible ! lol

Lauren said...

Great guest post! I love Mumford and Sons and Florence and the Machine too, so I'll defintely be checking out the other three bands you listed.


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