Sunday, 13 February 2011

In My Mailbox #108: New Books This Week

In My Mailbox idea from Kristi @ The Story Siren, and all links take you to Amazon. Click images for a bigger picture!

I had another great week for books: I received some exciting titles for review and also bought some adult books in a 3 for £5 promo at a shop called The Works. I don't buy a lot of adult books, but I'd heard that Gail Carriger's were good and kind of a crossover. I think I'll like them. I also saw the Never Let Me Go movie this week, and wow! I'm now really excited to read the book which, luckily, I bought the other week. I've been thinking about the story all day... powerful stuff!

I'm at the fifth UK Twilight Saga convention next weekend, so my IMM will either be on the Monday or the weekend after. Can't wait!


For review:
I'm looking forward to reading this one. It sounds fun!

My friend at Puffin got this hardcover finished copy signed for me, including Simon Scarrow's special seal. How cool?! It was a lovely surprise.

I'd heard nothing about this until it arrived in the post, but I must say it sounds brilliant. The cover is ace too, though doesn't show up on photos very well.

These sound quite funny, and a little bit mad. Another surprise for this week.

Can't wait to read this one. The UK proof is lovely too... so white and the inside of each cover is bright gold. Exciting!

This is another I hadn't ever heard of, but it's about Irish folklore - fairies and stuff. I think it's right up my street.

I read this about two years ago when it first came out in the US. My review is here.

I have all three books in this series now, so I should probably start reading them. I hear they're good!

These all arrived so that I could see the new covers that Bloomsbury are launching next month. I've only read the third book, so I'm really happy to have the other two. The new covers are so nice!

This is another one I read about two years ago when it was published in the US. It's an amazing book. I loved it. Review here.

Looking forward to reading this - Gillian is a great writer!


I love the cover of this book. And it's about fairies. :)

I'm a crazy book collector, and I buy US editions too. So when I saw the US cover for Delirium, I had to buy it. I'm going to do a comparative US/UK post soon with lots of pictures, as it's beautiful!

Another book I'd never heard of until last Sunday, when I saw it mentioned in The Story Siren's IMM post. I'm reading it now and I love it!

I hear Lindsey is a funny chick-lit writer. Now I just need to get the first two in the series.

These sound great, and I've been meaning to buy them for ages. Hope I like them. Also: all three for £5!!

J.R. Ward is another author who I hear is brilliant and well worth a read. I have book one in her BDB vampires series, and now the first two in the Fallen Angels series. I'll give 'em a go!


This was a late Christmas present from my mum and dad. They had originally ordered the paperback for me, but I don't know what's going on with that - it doesn't seem to exist. The hardback was only a bit more expensive and had one in stock, so... here we are!

Happy reading everyone!


Blueicegal ♥ said...

Oooh awesome books! Whoop for JR Ward, I love that series so smexy :D Let me know your thoughts on it :D

Cem said...

Excellent haul!! I love Gail Carriger's books, so funny! I also love Shadowspell, though I do prefer book 1 a little, but that's a personal issue with one element. I got Where I Belong this week as well, and I'm hoping to read it soon, so I'm glad to hear you're enjoying it! Also a little jealous of you having Starcrossed, I'm liking the sound of that one ;)

Happy reading! :)

My IMM is here if you're interested.

Kate Evangelista said...

Wow! Color me envious right now. Lots of great books here, Jenny!

Just Your Typical Book Blog said...

Kick butt haul, Jenny! I really want to read Where I Belong! It sounds super cute! Enjoy all your books my dear!

Pisinat said...

Amazing books!! I'm looking forward to read what you think about Where I Belong because I really want to read this on =D
Happy reading!

kirsty at the overflowing library said...

amazing books as always (I think my wishlist has just grown!)

Lauren said...

I was thinking of picking up Where I Belong this week after spotting it mentioned a few places. If you're enjoying it then that's even more reason to get it!

Liking the US cover of Delirium, too. :)

YA Vampire Books said...

The books never stop coming do they? I hope you'll enjoy all your books, and I look forward to your reviews!

Sabrina said...

Your mailbox looks great.
Hope you will enjoy the books by Gail Carriger because I think they are fantastic.

Happy Reading!

I Want To Read That said...

OOh great week! Starcrossed and where I belong sound awesome! And I love the US cover for Delirium *debates whether to get a copy*

Also thanks for the heads up on the Gail Carriger books being in the works - I am now the proud owner of all three:)

Asamum said...

I am in love with your mailbox *sigh* Terrific book week :D Enjoy

Lori said...

Nice haul! I love the UK cover of Lament!! So pretty! Enjoy all your new books!

Becky said...

Ooh I am looking forward to your review of Where I Belong. I am loving the cover. It sort of makes me think Kansas!

Alison said...

Great books! I really want to read Gail Carriger's books too. I haven't read any of the classic paranormal crosses, but I am intrigued by them.

Gabrielle Carolina said...

Very Jel of your Where I Belong, Miss Jenny! Hope all is good with you across the pond.

Happy Mailboxing!

Here's what I got IMM:


Gabrielle Carolina

Jesse Owen said...

Fab book week this week, Where I Belong looks interesting and The Opposite Of Amber sounds fab (and of course by Gillian Philip so it has to be good :D)

Happy Reading :D

the story siren said...

wowzers! so many great books this week and so many i need to read! i have not read the angel series by Ward either.... need to do that. hope you enjoy them all! happy reading!

Stephanie :) (Books Are A Girl's Best Friend) said...

Wow- lots of fantastic books this week! I got Fauxmance too- it looks cute. That US Delirium is lovely, I'll be looking out for the comparison post. Enjoy :)

The Slowest Bookworm said...

Wow Jenny! What an amazing collection of books. I got the Gail Carriger books for my birthday in december. I will get to them soon. I read Delirium as an arc but I really must get my own copy. The cover is awesome!

Sally said...

Great books this week. Jenna and Jonah is such a cute book.
Soulless is a great book - I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series.
Happy reading.

Here's Mine:

Jess (The Cozy Reader) said...

Great books! I LOVE Gail Carriger's series! Enjoy them!

Here's what I got this week!

Chelsmac91 said...

Amazing week! I can't wait to see what you think of some of these books, I know that I want to read more than just a couple.

Chelsea @ Rand0m Girl

Steph Su said...

People say mixed things about The Vinyl Princess but I read it and really liked it! Hope you will too!

BooksforCompany said...

SOO many! Lots of great books.
l liked Lindsey Kelk series, l heart paris is good.
The Works <3 l love it there!!

Aisle B said...

Oh right is it just me or does this loot go on forever and ever and ever and ever... Scrolling down endlessly............ WOW.

This is good really good...

Sighing... kiss all those lovely books for me... please.

BrittLit said...

So many fantastic books this week. I hope you enjoy Delirium. Happy Reading!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I really need to get Gail Carriger's series. It sounds great.


Zakiya LadyWings said...

Hope you enjoy your new books!! My IMM post is here. Happy Reading,

Zakiya LadyWings

leanne_luce : YA FOREVER said...

Ooooh I have seen the Gail Carriger books, but not got round to buying them yet. I like the look of the steampunk theme :D

Hope you enjoy all your reads!! x x

Bex @ The Night Life Books said...

Soulless is SO good! Im sure you'll love it.
Great haul! :)

Petra said...

WOW, that's a lot of book. Happy reading!

Lettie said...

What a lovely haul of books!
I love the I heart series and I'm cracking on with the Airhead series soon :)
~Lettie xxx

Chachic said...

Wow, you got so many books this week! I hope you enjoy reading all of them. I'm really curious about Gail Carriger's books too, I hear they're pretty good.

Ailsa said...

I love Gail Carriger, hope you enjoy them. And J R Ward books are always good :-)
My IMM is here: The Book Bundle


TheBookAddictedGirl said...

Whoa, brilliant week! I've ordered Delirium, and it looks soo good!
I can't wait to see your reviews of all of these!