Saturday, 23 April 2011

Review: Stunt Bunny - Tour Troubles by Tamsyn Murray

Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Format: Paperback
Released: February 3rd, 2011
Grade rating: B+

Amazon summary:

Harriet Houdini: Stunt Bunny is back in action, this time as the star of Superpets Live! With visions of posh hotels, meeting adoring fans and performing her famous bunny-backflips in front of live audiences, Harriet can't wait for the tour of Superpets. But evil Miranda wants her opera-singing poodle, Doodle, to be the headline act...whatever it takes. So Harriet's going to need all her Stunt Bunny tricks to make sure she remains the star of the show!


As I've mentioned before, books for this age group isn't my forte - I'm mostly YA with some middle grade thrown in. However, there are a handful of series for younger readers that I enjoy, with Stunt Bunny being one of them. I really liked the first book, Showbiz Sensation, which was a mix of humour, exciting adventure and lovely illustrations. Tour Troubles is more of the same, thanks to Tamsyn Murray's ability to write from the POV of a famous somersaulting bunny. Honestly, I can't even entertain the idea of children not liking this; it's just so fun!

This time around, Harriet is sent on tour with the Superpets TV show, of which she's the star. Miranda and Doodle the singing poodle are, once again, not too happy about this, and concoct all sorts of nasty plans to get rid of Harriet. Talk about jealousy in the animal community! You don't see Trevor's tumbling terrapins or hedgehog dance group Spike-tacular vying for the spotlight - it's not the done thing. Poor little Harriet handles it all very well of course, and more than lives up to her Houdini namesake in the process!

I find it pretty impressive that Tamsyn Murray divides her time between writing YA and 5+ fiction, as I'm sure swapping narrators and age groups would confuse the heck out of me. Instead she very distinctly manages both of her series, my favourite being this one with a cute, independent and slightly hyperactive bunny. I'm looking forward to more Harriet adventures in Rabbit Racer, due for publication in August. I wonder what sticky situations she'll find herself in next?!


Cliona said...

This sounds so cute! I want to read Tasmyn's YA series too.

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