Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Waiting On Wednesday: Bitter End

Waiting on Wednesday idea from Jill at Breaking the Spine.


Bitter End by Jennifer Brown

* Published by: Little, Brown (US)
* Format: Hardcover (US)
* Release Date: May 10th, 2011 (US)
* On Amazon: here

Summary from

When Alex falls for the charming new boy at school, Cole -- a handsome, funny, sports star who adores her -- she can't believe she's finally found her soul mate . . . someone who truly loves and understands her. At first, Alex is blissfully happy. Sure, Cole seems a little jealous of her relationship with her close friend Zack, but what guy would want his girlfriend spending all her time with another boy? As the months pass, though, Alex can no longer ignore Cole's small put-downs, pinches, or increasingly violent threats. As Alex struggles to come to terms with the sweet boyfriend she fell in love with and the boyfriend whose "love" she no longer recognizes, she is forced to choose -- between her "true love" and herself.

I loved Jennifer's debut novel, Hate List, and I can't wait to read more by her. Luckily there's not long to go before this one hits shelves, and I have had my copy pre-ordered for a while. The summary reminds me of Deb Caletti's Stay, though I haven't yet read that one either. Jealousy and threatening behaviour happens, and I'm glad that people aren't worried to write about it in a realistic way. I hope it's as good as Hate List!


Liz said...

I suspect it may be as good. Ms. Brown seems to be able to tap right in to the stories she tells. I'm looking forward to this one too. I hope it picks up a UK publisher. Both Hate List and this one deserves it.

Liz. R said...

I never read Hate List, but I've heard a lot of good things and Bitter End definitely sounds interesting. I haven't really read a lot of books concerning threatening behaviour in relationships, so I might have to broaden my horizons and give this one a go. Great pick, thanks for sharing.

Sandy said...

I tend to shy away from books that have abuse but this is on my TBR list and I will hopefully like it ^_^.

My Wow

I Want To Read That said...

I'm really looking forward to this one too:) I've even made sure to order it for the shop.

Crystal (Book Snob) said...

This book sounds really good and really intense! The cover is pretty cool too. Great choice :)

Crystal @ Elegantly Bound Books

Becky said...

Gosh, it sounds all rather sinister. I'm not in the mood to read about crazy exes after what my brother has been going through lately. Relationships sure do weird things to people.

Katie said...

I cannot express how excited I am for this book. I feel like I've been waiting forever for a Jennifer Brown book

BooksforCompany said...

This is one l have seen around lately and SO want to read, sounds AAAAAAMAZZZINNG!