Saturday, 7 May 2011

Blog Tour: A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness - Extract #3

Walker Books published A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness on Thursday, and set up this extract blog tour to celebrate. I'm the third stop on the tour, and have the third extract to share with you. If you’ve missed any of the previous posts, head over to The Mountains of Instead to start at the beginning and see what you've missed.




“Mum?” Conor asked, stepping into the kitchen. He knew she wouldn’t be in there – he couldn’t hear the kettle boiling, which she always did first thing – but he’d found himself asking for her a lot lately when he entered rooms in the house. He didn’t want to startle her, just in case she’d fallen asleep somewhere she hadn’t planned to.
But she wasn’t in the kitchen. Which meant she was probably still up in her bed. Which meant Conor would have to make his own breakfast, something he’d grown used to doing. Fine. Good, in fact, especially this morning.
He walked quickly to the bin and stuffed the plastic bag he was carrying down near the bottom, covering it up with other rubbish so it wouldn’t be obvious.
“There,” he said to no one, and stood breathing for a second. Then he nodded to himself and said, “Breakfast.”
Some bread in the toaster, some cereal in a bowl, some juice in a glass, and he was ready to go, sitting down at the little table in the kitchen to eat. His mum had her own bread and cereal which she bought at a health food shop in town and which Conor thankfully didn’t have to share. It tasted as unhappy as it looked.
He looked up at the clock. Twenty-five minutes before he had to leave. He was already in his school uniform, his rucksack packed for the day and waiting by the front door. All things he’d done for himself.
He sat with his back to the kitchen window, the one over the sink that looked out onto their small back garden, across the train tracks and up to the church with its graveyard.
And its yew tree.
Conor took another bite of his cereal. His chewing was the only sound in the whole house.

It had been a dream. What else could it have been?
When he’d opened his eyes this morning, the first thing he’d looked at was his window. It had still been there, of course, no damage at all, no gaping hole into the back garden. Of course it had. Only a baby would have thought it really happened. Only a baby would believe that a tree – seriously, a tree – had walked down the hill and attacked the house.
He’d laughed a little at the thought, at how stupid it all was, and he’d stepped out of bed.
To the sound of a crunch beneath his feet.
Every inch of his bedroom floor was covered in short, spiky yew tree leaves.
He put another bite of cereal in his mouth, definitely not looking at the rubbish bin, where he had stuffed the plastic bag full of leaves he’d swept up this morning first thing.
It had been a windy night. They’d clearly blown in through his open window.
He finished his cereal and toast, drank the last of his juice, then rinsed the dishes and put them in the dishwasher. Still twenty minutes to go. He decided to empty the rubbish bin altogether – less risky that way – and took the bag out to the wheelie bin in front of the house. Since he was already making the trip, he gathered up the recycling and put that out, too. Then he got a load of sheets going in the washer that he’d hang out on the line when he got back from school.
He went back to the kitchen and looked at the clock.
Still ten minutes left.
Still no sign of–
“Conor?” he heard, from the top of the stairs.
He let out a long breath he hadn’t realized he was holding in.

The fourth extract of A Monster Calls will be posted by Ryan over at Empire of Books, on Sunday 8th May.

You can follow Patrick on Twitter, become a fan on Facebook, or visit his website for more information on both him and his books.


Lindsay said...

Great extract. I read the book the other day and couldn't put it down till I'd finished.

Jonas said...

Seems like something worth checking out!