Thursday, 16 June 2011

News: Saving Daisy by Phil Earle - Cover & Exclusive Prologue!

The lovely Phil Earle, author of Being Billy, recently revealed the jacket for his second book, Saving Daisy. So here it is... what do you think? When I first saw it, I wasn't too keen on the model they'd used for Daisy. However, she's now grown on me, and I also love the bright red colour and that the design matches Being Billy. Oh, and there's a Morris Gleitzman quote on the back. It doesn't get much better than that!

Saving Daisy
isn't published until 2012 (Sob! Earlo fans - form an orderly queue behind me...) but Phil has given me exclusive permission to post the prologue. I don't know about you, but after reading this little snippet I wanted to read the rest of the book straight away. Talk about intriguing!

My name is Daisy Houghton.

I’m fourteen years old.

Six months ago I killed my dad.

It wasn’t pre-meditated or bloody. I didn’t even have to lay a hand on him.

Speaking to him was enough.

He didn’t know what was coming. How could he? All he was doing was protecting me. Doing what any parent would do.

I should have realised though. Seen the danger in what I was doing. That what I had to tell him was too great for anyone to carry.

If only I’d kept my mouth shut. If I had done, he’d still be around, and I’d be at home.

Instead I’m here.

In a room with plastic windows and a bed that’s bolted to the floor.

It’s not prison, but that’s where I deserve to be.

I know what you’re thinking by the way.

Where’s your mum? Why aren’t you home with her?

That’s the problem.

I killed her too.

Don't forget to check Saving Daisy out next year! And for more info, visit Phil's website or follow him on Twitter:


Bee said...


And it'll be out NEXT YEAR?! This is sadism *wails*

YA reader said...

This sounds brilliant! Can't believe there's a year to wait... I must read Being Billy. Thanks for the preview :)

Roberta said...


Ryan said...

Wow. This is incredible. I cannot wait to read this. Absolutely loved Being Billy!

Clover said...

Holy crap! How much does that prologue make me DESPERATE to read the book.

I really love the red.

Book Angel Emma said...

Wow that is one powerful piece of writing.