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Reckless Blog Tour: Cornelia Funke Talks Movies + UK Giveaway!

Cornelia Funke


Reckless is a taut and darkly romantic modern fairytale written by Cornelia Funke in collaboration with the highly acclaimed film writer and producer Lionel Wigram. Having first met to discuss a film treatment for another project, the two began playing with ideas and fell in love with the world and characters that became Reckless. The result: an intensely visual narrative, beautifully told in Funke’s trademark style

Cornelia Funke:

“I am often asked whether Lionel and I wrote Reckless with a movie in mind. The answer is No and Yes.

A book should always and first of all be a book, even when a successful Hollywood producer is involved in its creation. That was part of the fun for Lionel, as he didn’t have to think about budgets or casting or whether hanging a palace from the ceiling of a cave might be too expensive. We could crawl into our characters’ heads and hearts – something that’s nearly impossible in a movie script and is mostly the task of the actor. So, No: first of all it was a book that was meant to be a book.

On the other hand, both Lionel and I are as passionate about movies as we are about books and every story we tell we see in our heads like a movie. Even when I wasn’t working with Lionel I always saw movie scenes while I was writing, never just black and white illustrations (as you might expect of an illustrator). So, Yes: there was always the idea of a Reckless movie, which we both hope we’ll make one day. As I sometimes say to Lionel: I got my toy with the book. Now I want him to have the toy he loves to play with – a big, wonderful, epic movie!

Never before has it been more exciting to create a world not only on the page but on the big screen. There are so many possibilities now, so many incredibly skillful concept artists, set and costume designers and all the miracles CGI can do. I still remember the moment when I saw the mines of Moria (from Lord of the Rings) on a screen and thought: ‘Wow! Yes, of course! That’s what they have to look like!’ My imagination hadn’t managed to paint them as grand as that for me when I read the book.

Lionel has created many of those ‘Wow’ moments in the movies he’s produced, whether in Harry Potter and all its breathtaking screen magic or in nineteenth-century London coming to life in the Sherlock Holmes movie. We can’t wait to make that kind of magic with Reckless. So, once again, Yes: while we were plotting and creating this new world behind the mirror, we sometimes looked at each other and said, ‘Can you imagine how wonderful it will be to walk onto that set? To see the palace of the King of Goyl hanging from the ceiling of its cave? Or the island of the Fairies drifting on the lake? Or Vena? Or the Thorn Castle?’ Sometimes we wished we could start right away – to do both at the same time; find the worlds and build the sets. That’s part of the magic of our collaboration: that both ways of storytelling are present, words and images, book and screen.

Nevertheless, we haven’t started doing the movie yet. There is still so much to find out about in the books. We have just finished the fourth draft of book two, and have met some new characters who will be vastly important to our story. Maybe we’ll get a glimpse of them in the first movie, as storytelling works so differently on screen. We will start discussing book three later this year and we both can’t wait to explore what that book will unveil about the world we found behind the mirror; and about Jacob and Fox and all the other characters we learned to love or hate. We haven’t decided yet whether we’ll write the script ourselves. At the moment we would say: let’s collaborate with a great scriptwriter who looks at our world with fresh eyes and finds corners we haven’t even noticed. But let’s see.

We definitely haven’t cast the characters yet. Neither of us has any famous faces in our heads when we see Jacob or Will or Fox … or the King of the Goyl. We prefer to imagine them without an actor’s name attached, and we both agree that even while working on a script it would be better not to have any actors in mind at that point. I am sure there will be many suggestions from our readers once we start developing the movie, but for now we love the fact that Jacob Reckless wears thousands of faces in thousands of heads.

It will be very exciting, though, to one day find the right face for him on the screen.


Thanks to Chicken House I have one (1) copy of Reckless to give away, which also includes a signed bookplate.

Rules & info:
  • Open to UK residents only.
  • End date: June 7th, 2011.
  • One entry per person.
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Cliona said...

Great guest post! I would love to see this book made into a movie, even though I haven't read it! The idea of a castle hanging from the ceiling...oooh I can't wait! I've read a few of Cornelia's book before, the Inkheart trilogy and Igraine the Brave, which I quite enjoyed so I'll have to get to this at some time!

kara-karina@Nocturnal Book Reviews said...

Thank you for the giveaway! I've reposted the link :) She is unknown author to me, but it will be interesting to read a book made in collaboration with film writer. I like very visual books.

Alpa@1 more page please said...

I am reading Cornelia Funke's Dragon Rider and I super like her.This book is on my radar now. :)

K R Weinert said...

Wow! I loved Reckless, what an awesome author to have guest blog.

Anonymous said...

I would love to be Fox! Even though I don't have an acting agent,I still hope Mrs.Funke will tell Mr.Wigram about me! That would be a dream come true!!!