Friday, 24 June 2011

Review: Girl (Nearly) 16 - Absolute Torture by Sue Limb

Publisher: Bloomsbury
Format: Paperback
Released: January 4th, 2010 (new ed.)
Grade rating: A-

Amazon summary:

Jess's mum has finally capitulated and arranged a trip to see Jess's dad. But this is so the wrong moment: Jess has just got it together with Fred, and in an incredibly romantic way he has scraped money together to get them both tickets to the hottest music festival... but instead Jess is going on a road trip with her mum and her grandmother (and her grandfather, but he doesn't quite count as he is ashes in an urn). Jess is keen to keep in touch with Fred by text while she is away, but after a while he just stops responding. And her best friend Flora is now going to the exact same music festival Jess was supposed to go to! Jess can't help her paranoia about Fred working overtime. If Jess isn't careful, her worries are going to completely spoil her much-wanted visit to her dad. But when she gets there, it turns out that everybody has a surprise for each other. Needless to say, some work out better than others...


Girl (Nearly) 16: Absolute Torture is the third of Sue Limb's books I've read and it might just be my favourite. I continually laughed out loud while reading, and not many authors can make me do that. Aside from Louise Rennison, I'm happy to say that Sue Limb is my queen of contemporary British fiction. Her books are nothing short of hilarious!

In Absolute Torture, Jess Jordan finds herself dragged on holiday to St Ives with her mum and ancient granny. The plan is to visit her dad and scatter her grandfather's ashes along the way, but of course nothing goes to plan. Jess gets plenty of shocks in this story, as did I, though for once I did predict one or two things before they transpired. (Hurrah!)

Fred, Jess's equally funny and dashing boyfriend, features in Absolute Torture a lot, and I would have no complaints if he ever got his own book. Limb's excellent at writing boys as well as girls, and as a result Fred is almost as as funny as Jess. I wish these two were real and had achieved their dream of being stand-up comedians. I'd go and see their shows every night!

Absolute Torture has everything: realistic characters, murder-obsessed grannys, mothers wary of men and laughs aplenty. I read it in one sitting, while simultaneously cursing Sue Limb for making my sides hurt and congratulating her on being so entertaining. Teenage girls need to read this series; actually, they need to read everything this author has written. Not since Georgia Nicolson has a character made me laugh so much, and I am now desperate to read the other books in the series. The saga of Jess Jordan is very highly recommended - you'll be laughing for days!


Amy @ Turn the Page said...

I love Louise Rennison as well so I'll definitely be checking this one out! :)

Cliona said...

Wow! This must be great! I AM so getting these at the library! Do you think it would be OK to read the series out of order?

So Many Books, So Little Time said...

I love this series. They're brilliantly funny.

I Want To Read That said...

I've only read Five Star Fiasco so far but I really enjoyed it! Great review - I'm even more determined to get the rest of the series now:)

Jesse Owen said...

Ooh! Wow, this book sounds so funny, thanks for a great review :D

Anonymous said...

I really recommend this book for any single soul,its funny and explanatory that u would think u were there...kudos 4 sue limb,I have read this books like many times and haven't gotten tired...if u would excuse I would 2 take another ride across the books.xoxo u all