Thursday, 7 July 2011

Blog Tour: Edda by Conor Kostick - Extract

I'm really happy to be part of Conor Kostick's Edda blog tour - isn't the cover fantastic?! Find out more about author Conor Kostick here and hope you enjoy the extract!


The O’Brien Press is delighted to announce an international Blog Tour which will take Conor Kostick’s critically acclaimed new book, EDDA, to six top blogs in the UK and Ireland.

EDDA, the eagerly-anticipated follow up to the novels EPIC and SAGA, is the conclusion to The Avatar Chronicles Trilogy and is a fast-paced, futuristic fantasy, set in a virtual world full of avatars, magic and mythical beings.



From page 84 of Edda by Conor Kostick, published by The O’Brien Press


In this extract, Ghost - an electronic intelligence - and her human friends in avatar form have crossed through a portal that has mysteriously opened in Ghost's world of Saga and are soon attacked by a curious army of both modern and medieval soldiers…


Bullets filled the air. Each jerk of the time frame brought a dozen lines of these missiles closer to her body. And crude as they were, if they hit, they’d tear her apart. Nevertheless, as her body rolled down the slope, Ghost lifted her own handguns into position to fire back at the enemy soldiers. Near-blinding flashes of energy now joined the lethal display, lurching away from her with every frame, back towards the source of one of the streams of bullets. She could alter the air pressure in her vicinity and did so, making sure that as the arriving bullets reached her they curved away from the straight line they had previously followed, to streak past Ghost’s head with a distortion of the air that would have sounded like a high-pitched scream at normal speeds. As she finished her roll to come up to a kneeling posture, still returning fire, Ghost let out a cry of triumph. To stay alive in the centre of this rain of hot metal stretched her to her utter limit, but she could do it. Whoever these people were, they had made a big mistake: a terrible enemy was upon them.

Blue and red streaks flashed across the sky, indicating that the human avatars from Saga were in the thick of battle and firing their energy weapons. It was too congested over by the portal to see properly what was happening. Some distance ahead, however, Ghost could see Cindella and her heart gave a skip of delight that Erik’s avatar was still alive. The pirate was standing on top of a troop carrier, surrounded by enemy soldiers but sweeping them away with a machine gun she had captured. It looked like the avatar’s magic armour from Epic was effective here, because bullets were hitting the figure but just bouncing off her. As Ghost watched admiringly, a warrior looking like a medieval knight climbed in to the vehicle and caught Cindella from behind with a thrust from a sword. That staggered Cindella and she leapt from the truck, disappearing from Ghost’s view.

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Wella S. AƱonuevo said...

The cover's fantastic and the plot as well! Very futuristic:)