Sunday, 3 July 2011

In My Mailbox #128: New Books This Week

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I've been off work on holiday this week,as it was the second week of Wimbledon and I have the same week off every year so I can watch it. I haven't done much reading, but I have finally read the whole Spiderwick Chronicles series which I really enjoyed. No idea what took me so long, actually. Some exciting books arrived this week (Liesl and Po!) which I can't wait to get stuck in to!

Oh, and everyone go and wish Carla a happy 25th birthday for yesterday! :)


For review:
This book is AMAZING. Review coming soon.

I've never been a big Roald Dahl fan, but I might give this a go as I haven't read it for many years. It's a really nice illustrated edition to mark the 50th anniversary.

Yay, a new Keren book! I'm two thirds of the way through and loving it.

I was lost for words when I opened this - excitement got the better of me. And it came with a cut-out theatre set! (You can see it above). Brilliant. Can't wait to read it.

I haven't read any of this series but I like the covers. Super shiny!

Second copy. I might give this one away this month sometime.

A nice paperback edition of this, which I still haven't read. Now I've got no excuse.

I have this in hardback but haven't read it yet. Another one to move up the pile.

  • Legend by Marie Lu (UK proof/ARC)
Very excited to read this one. Puffin are publishing it in December!


I couldn't go to the Puffin author party in London this week so my friend Sarah gave me one of the classic editions from the goodie bags. It's lovely!

Happy reading, everyone!


Ryan said...

Wow! Great week Jenny! :D New Keren = me want! Legend sounds awesome. Cannot wait to read that! Love the Liesl and Po thing too! So cool! And aw, that's so nice of Sarah! She is just too awesome! Happy reading dude! :)

ComaCalm said...

Ooh, I'd kill to read Liesl and Po, Legend and The Name of the Star! Happy reading!

Cat @ Beyond Books said...

Dearest Jenny,

You may add the UK editions of Liesl and Po and The Name of the Star to my list of UK needs.

I guess I should have you keep a wishlist for me at book depo, eh? hahahah!

with warm regards,

Ps - kidding!

Liz. R said...

I remember James and the Giant Peach! It was one of my favourite Roald Dahls :P. Liesl and Po looks great, as does Legend! Happy reading :).

mrs_laura_koehler said...

Wow got some great books this week. What is Liesl and Po about? It looks great and heard some people are reading it. Also What is the Prince of Mist about?
Hope you have a great week of reading.
Check out my IMM tom.

Allison said...

I'm looking forward to seeing how you enjoy Liesl & Po - hope it turns out to be as cute as it sounds!

Amy @ Turn the Page said...

Fantastic books!

Im jealous of Liesl and Po and The Name of the Star and Legend!!

And James and the Giant Peach! That brings back memories! I loved the film when I was little :D

My keeper shelf said...

A cut out theatre set?? Thats is beyond cool I think I would be jumping about too. Fab books as always Jenny.


Raimy-rawr said...

awesome books, Liesl and Po looks awesome! as does Lia's Guide to Winning The Lottery! I hoe you enjoy! :D

Jesse Owen said...

Fab books this week (as always). Lies and Po sounds fab (it's Lauren Oliver so it has to be good!) and Lia's Guide To Winning the lottery is going on my wish list.

Happy Reading :D

Lori said...

Harry Potter, Liesl and Po, and The Name of the Star!!!! So many great books!! :)

leanne_luce : YA FOREVER said...

Awesome Haul as always!! Enjoy lovely!! x

Book Angel Emma said...

Gorgeous books. ENJOY

Jenny said...

All of those books are awesome! I love those fancy Penguin Classics covers so much. I need to get some to display on my bookshelves! Happy reading!

Kristin said...

You have a nice list of book that you received in your mailbox this week.
Happy Reading,
Book Sniffers Anonymous

Cliona said...

I'm going to have to stop reading these posts, Jenny. Let me just go off and cry...


aparajita said...

Harry Potter Film Wizardry is AWESOME...I have the red cover one though (my review -

SO WANNA READ LEGEND and THE NAME OF THE STAR....tell me how it is

BooksforCompany said...

Great books, l hope you enjoy all of these =)