Friday, 9 September 2011

Review: Scream Street #12 - Secret of the Changeling by Tommy Donbavand

Publisher: Walker Books
Format: Paperback
Released: July 7th, 2011
Grade rating: A-

Amazon summary:

Just as Luke, Resus and Cleo are working out how to return the fifth relic, a whole new problem presents itself: Eefa Everwell's toddler niece, Poppy, has been replaced by a changeling! And the real Poppy is being held captive in the fairy realm by the evil Crimson Queen...


After eleven books there's still one thing the Scream Street series hasn't covered: fairies. Luckily book twelve, Secret of the Changeling, is here to fix that, and it does so with Donbavand's usual mix of wacky humour. In fact, it almost ends up as a horror parody of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, except this time it's Snow Fright and her Seven Ninja Dwarves. Chuckle!

If you're currently wondering just how the fair folk have ended up in Scream Street, I'll tell you. Poppy, Eefa Everwell's young niece, is replaced by a fairie changeling and is whisked away and held captive by the Crimson Queen. The Crimson Queen is very much like Queen Jadis from Narnia, or at least I thought she was. Basically she's evil and dillusional - everything you could want in a fictional queen!

Luke, Resus and Cleo, Scream Street's finest heroes, set off to save little Poppy, and along the way they encounter many a strange thing. It wouldn't be realistic if they didn't! It's a mad book, of course, but it's funny, clever and exactly what you've come to expect from this series. I love it!

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