Thursday, 3 November 2011

Dead Inside Blog Tour: Extract!

When I was first asked to feature Dead Inside on my blog, I instantly said yes because it's about zombies, and I love me some zombies. Plus, it was pitched to me as The Walking Dead meets PostSecret. Cool, right? I was actually really surprised at how much I enjoyed it - it's a quick read but a clever, fun and sometimes sad one. I'll be posting my review soon so look out for that. For now, here's Chronicle's synopsis and two image extracts from the book.

'Post Secret' meets 'World War Z' in this chilling vision of the fallout following a global zombie pandemic. A gradual mutation of a virulent strain of 'super flu' gives rise to millions of the undead, who quickly overwhelm treatment facilities and swarm cities around the world, leaving survivors on their own against a legion of the infected. Through found notes and messages- letters to loved ones, journal fragments, confessions, and warnings, readers can uncover the story of what went wrong, and come to know the individual voices of those affected by the zombie crisis.




Carmen said...

I'm so glad you said that about Postsecret as that is the impression I'm getting from this tour. You've seald the fact I NEED to get this book :D

Rhiannon Hart said...

Oh my gawwwwwwwwwwwwd! Want want want!