Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Wereworld: Shadow of the Hawk Blog Tour - Introduction by Curtis Jobling!


It’s come round fast.

January 5th sees the release of my third novel in the WEREWORLD series, “Shadow of the Hawk”, hopping out of the nest and taking flight into the wild. It’s been a busy couple of years for me, immersed in the writing of the books while also getting out of my hobbit-hole on occasion. It’s not enough for an author to sit at home and write: one of the biggest thrills for me is to go out and meet audiences, via festivals, school visits, book signings and even online. Children’s and YA is a crowded marketplace, bookshops jam-packed with a plethora of top titles, each grabbing the eye of passing book-lovers and cooing temptingly, inviting the potential reader to take a peek inside their covers. As an author, not only do I need to get out there and meet audiences, I love to: I get a thrill from hearing/seeing the reaction of people when I read from the novels, a constant reminder of why I got into the business of tale-telling in the first place. The fact that I’m ‘that bloke who designed Bob The Builder’ tends to be a bit of a curve-ball, throwing the audience who are expecting a cuddly preschool yarn, instead getting a face-full of tooth, claw, blood and gore.

Since the writing of “Rise of the Wolf”, the online community of bloggers, champions of authors and their books, has really opened up to me. I’ve met a ton of passionate, book-obsessed people through Twitter, blogs and other social media, so it’s a huge thrill to have a gang of said reviewers on board for the “7 REALMS, 7 BEASTS” Blog Tour. Big thanks go to Jenny at Wondrous Reads for kicking the shindig off!

There’ll be eight stops on the Tour, featuring reviews of the novel as well as introductions to seven of the new Werelords who appear in the third volume. I’ve picked the particular character descriptions to give readers a flavour of what they can expect in “Shadow of the Hawk”, a wider range of therianthropes making their presence known within the tale including Captain Klay (Barracuda), Krieg (Rhino), Queen Slotha (Walrus), Lady Shah (Hawk), Baron Bosa (Whale), Ignus (Lizard) and Arik & Balk (Apes). That’s really only scratching the surface though – there’s a whole host of new shapeshifting therians who come up against Drew and his allies within “Shadow...”

I’ll also be touring for “Shadow...” in January, with myself and the good folk from Puffin whizzing all over the country to meet audiences in the flesh and hopefully scare them silly. Can only hope you enjoy reading the book as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it!

Curtis, December 13th 2011


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