Thursday, 5 April 2012

Review: My Scorching Summer Diary by Liz Rettig

Publisher: Corgi Children's
Format: Paperback
Released: March 29th, 2012
Rating: 8/10

Amazon summary:

Seventeen-year-old Kelly Ann leaves behind her boyfriend, family and friends in Glasgow to live and work in a London hotel for the summer. But losing her luggage and fending off tube gropers on her first day isn't a good start. Almost being arrested for stealing men's underwear on her second isn't any better. However she does manages to make friends, even though, to impress her new pals, she pretends to be older and more sophisticated than she is, with a doctor boyfriend. London life is fun, even though she has to work in a steaming hot kitchen all day. But her made-up life starts to get very complicated, and she has rely on old friends to save the day.


My Scorching Summer Diary is Liz Rettig's fifth book about mad Scot girl Kelly Ann, and I'm very happy to say it's as funny as ever. This series really does fill the void that Louise Rennison left when her Georgia series ended, and in some instances the Kelly Ann series is even funnier. There are so many unbelievable embarrassing moments and I often found myself sighing with relief because they weren't happening to me! Especially where Kelly Ann's new off-white bikini is concerned... *shudder*

In My Scorching Summer Diary, Kelly Ann heads down to London to work in a (very low paid) hotel for the summer. It's the first time she's properly been away from home on her own and I thought Liz Rettig did a great job describing how daunting London can be. I remember the first few times I went there by myself - I was quite terrified. It's busy and always on the move and, like Kelly Ann, I'm used to the quiet life. In this chapter of her life she ends up meeting new friends, earning a living and seriously thinking about her future. She also has yet more boyfriend drama with the lovely, slightly too sensitive Chris, along with several cringeworthy moments that I sincerely hope never ever happen to me!

One reason I love this series is Liz Rettig's writing. It flows so easily and is full of Scottish wit and wisdom. I laugh all the way through her books, whether they're about Kelly Ann or not, and I always look forward to a new one being published. Teenage girls should have no problem relating to Kelly Ann's madcap antics and friendship/boyfriend troubles, and might even pick up some tips from her.

My Scorching Summer Diary is a brilliant addition to the Kelly Ann series and, as always, I hope there will be more. Definitely read this series if you're a fan of Louise Rennison, Carmen Reid or Luisa Plaja. You'll laugh, you'll cringe, and you'll remember to always keep your eye on your luggage if you're travelling on the tube. It's the only sure way to avert disaster!


Cliona said...

Fab review! Funnier than Louise Rennison????!!!! Must. Read. Now. :)

Andria Buchanan said...

I love the Kelly Ann books. So hilarious.

Janvi said...

Nice collection...Thanks for sharing with us...I really like it... Kitchen Labels

Siobhán @ Totally Bookalicious said...

I have this for review but didn't know it was book 5. You think I could read it out of order?