Saturday, 12 May 2012

The Hunt Blog Tour: Andrew Fukuda's Movie Cast!

 Movie Casting for The Hunt 
by Andrew Fukuda

When I wrote The Hunt, I didn’t have any actors or actresses in mind so my picks below are somewhat inexact fits to how I picture the characters in my head. Still, the actors I’ve chosen have a certain essence that closely matches their respective characters. So here are my picks: what do you think?

Gene – He’s enigmatic, a loner, intelligent. He’s also got a vulnerability which he keeps carefully hidden. Anyone playing him on the big screen would have to exude depth and emotion through a bland expression. Not easy. But I think both Penn Badgley and Ian Somerhalder have the chops to do it, and I can’t decide between them.

Ashley June – Vivacious and direct, she’s popular, in demand, and with a facial structure that screams extrovert – even when expressionless. I could go with either Emma Stone or Amanda Seyfried (she’d have to dye her hair, though).

Sissy – She’s tough, athletic, and striking in appearance. Anyone who’s watched Ana Ivanovic in action on a tennis court knows she fits the bill. As does Phoebe Tonkin. Maybe you’ve never heard of her, but watch this video ( and tell me she isn’t the very personification of Sissy.

Epap – Tall and gangly but with a heart that, given the chance, could move mountains. Andrew Garfield has always struck me as an actor capable of playing characters on the cusp of such growth and self-discovery.

Gene’s Father – A man enshrouded in mystery and with extreme gravitas. Daniel Craig has that gravitas.

The Director – A smarmy character with the kind of punctilious demeanor that makes you want to punch him, even if it is through a movie screen. Anyone who watched Christoph Waltz chew the scenery in Inglorious Bastards knows he’d be perfect as The Director.

So what do you think? Those of you who’ve read The Hunt, who would you cast?


carole said...

I can totally picture Gene as Penn Badgely and his dad as Daniel Craig! All of them fit perfectly, I especially like the choice for Sissy!

Anonymous said...

What about the guy on the cover? Quit like him :D

Totally go for Phoebe tonkin, she is brill!!!!

And amanda seyfried can coulour her hair! we know that!

Cast would be brill!

caroline.taylor078 said...

Now that is a hot cast! thanks for bringing this book to my attention, it looks really interesting!

bookwitch said...

I feel very old for saying this, but Daniel Craig isn't anywhere near old enough for 'gravitas' and fatherhood on this scale.

Anonymous said...

ian it has to be ian hes like well fit

Anonymous said...

That is an amazing cast! i wouldn't change a thing!!! AND I LOVE LOVE LOVE SISSY'S CHARACTER!!!haha NICE!!!

Anonymous said...

Jack Quaid who plays Marvel from the Hunger Games should play Gene. He looks like the dude on the front cover. Lol, that's my only reason. But at least 1 person must agree with me!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh and that Seyfried chick? Please, if your going to make a movie, don't cast her as Ashley June. It just doesn't seem right. I don't know who to recommend but please not her. I said please.

Anonymous said...

I found who should be AJ. Leven Rambin! She could dye her hair and get contacts or something I reackon she would be great. Lol I'm just recommending people from the Hunger Games but I don't know many actors.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"Jack Quaid who plays Marvel from the Hunger Games should play Gene. He looks like the dude on the front cover. Lol, that's my only reason. But at least 1 person must agree with me!!!!!!"
23 October 2012 08:03
((I agree with you))

Summer J Burns said...

Great picks!! I'm in the middle of reading the Hunt and i love it. I would love to see a movie on it!!! For Gene, both are great picks, but I say Ian Somerhalder. He's a great actor IMO.
For Ashley June, definitely would prefer Emma Stone over Amanda Seyfried. She more fits the picture.
All the others, GREAT CHOICES!!
Am very much looking forward to seeing this movie! Please make it happen. It really would make a perfect movie. :)

Anonymous said...

Thomas Mann from Project X - I actually saw Thomas Mann as Gene when I read the book.

dominic, Australia

Anonymous said...

I just finished The Trap, the third book in the Hunt series, in a day and a half. Penn Badgley as Gene, no doubt in my mind if these are the final two to choose from. Emma Stone as Ashley June, once again no doubt. Both options for Sissy are perfect, either one will work. Daniel Craig is great for Gene's dad. So far, the casting seems excellent, but honestly, as long as there's a movie, all the actors could be monkeys. Brilliant books

Anonymous said...

Ian, he would be perfect.
He was great in 'The Vampire Diaries'.

Anonymous said...

I think Ian would be a great fit for Gene

Anonymous said...

i agree with the person who said the guy that plays marvel in the hunger games just cause i love the hunger games also why can the cover model play gene i read the book and could imagine him as gene so it feels wierd looking at someone else and saying thats gene does anyone else agree with me ?

but overall i like the cast but i think it could be better