Thursday, 28 June 2012

Review: Elf Girl and Raven Boy - Fright Forest by Marcus Sedgwick

Publisher: Orion
Format: Paperback
Released: July 5th, 2012
Rating: 7/10

Amazon summary:

Eep... the adventure begins! Raven Boy has short black spiky hair, amazing night vision and can talk to animals. Elf Girl is light of foot, sharp of mind and...elfish all over. She hadn't expected to meet Raven Boy; it's not that often someone falls out of the trees and squashes your home flat like Raven Boy did. Before they know it they are plunged into some very strange, creepy, altogether spooky and hilarious adventures as they save their world from trolls, ogres, witches and things that slither and slide in the fiendish forest.


I've been looking forward to Marcus Sedgwick's new children's series for months, even though I'm still mourning the end of The Raven Mysteries (*sniffle*, I miss you Edgar). Elf Girl and Raven Boy was well worth the wait, though it hasn't quite eclipsed the wacky Otherhand family and their mad antics.

Fright Forest is the first book in this humorously dark new series, and follows the adventures of Elf Girl and Raven Boy (real name unknown - will we find it out soon, I wonder?). They met by chance, really, when Raven Boy was unfortunate enough to fall out of the tree he was sleeping in. Obviously it was all for the best, as he and Elf Girl - a girl who has very pointy ears, might I add - become friends along with Raven Boy's rat, who is fittingly named Rat. He's a great asset to the little group, and Raven Boy's ability to talk to animals makes it all the better for him to communicate. Cool or what?

There are all sorts of creatures featured or mentioned in this book, including ogres, goblins and elves and animals who can communicate rather well without actually saying anything. This series looks set to be more fantasy than Sedgwick's previous books for children, and I'm hoping a dragon or fairy might appear somewhere. After all, you never know what's living in Fright Forest!

I really enjoyed this book, and I'm really glad to see that Pete Williamson is still in cahoots with Marcus Sedgwick. His illustrations bring so much to the story, and my new favourite is a fluffy little kitten launching himself into the air. Brilliant!

So, fans of The Raven Mysteries, make sure you read this one as soon as you can. I'm already looking forward to book two, Monster Mountains, and I'm sure you will be too!

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Siobhán @ Totally Bookalicious said...

Oh this looks good. Need to pick up a copy for my son.