Friday, 6 July 2012

Discussion Post: I Bought a Kindle!

Guys, I bought a Kindle! Me, who has always been against e-books and vowed to never, ever get an e-reader. I've had it for almost three weeks now and I absolutely love it. I can save space, money and won't have to take my beloved books out with me anymore.

There are several reasons why I gave in and bought an e-reader:
  • More and more publishers are using e-books these days. They distribute ARCs through NetGalley (I think this is a great idea as proofs cost them so much money and once we read them there's nothing else we can do with them - they can't be added to library catalogues so I usually end up passing them on to friends) and are even starting to send e-books out for review instead of finished copies.
  • Space! Over the last five years I have bought a ridiculous amount of books, most of them US hardcover publications. I have stacks and stacks of books waiting to be read (review and non-review) and I'm fast running out of space. Having a Kindle means I can store thousands of books in one tiny place, which is essential for collectors like me.
  • The price. Those aformentioned US hardbacks usually cost me between £10-12, and more often than not I'll read it, decided I don't want to keep it and give it away. I've bought some similar titles on my Kindle and they were around £6.
  • Convenience. I've spent quite a lot of time in hospital with my mum this year, and now I can take a book to read! I'm not fond of taking physical books out with me in case I crease them, but with an e-book that isn't a problem. I'm in London this weekend with about four hours on a train, so I'm going to try and read an e-book. Hopefully it won't make me feel sick like train reading usually does.
  • I won't have to lug giant 800-page books around the house with me. RELIEF.

I opted for a Kindle because:
  • I think it looks nicer than Kobo, the other main e-reader in the UK. Now I know I shouldn't actually say that seeing as how I sell Kobo's at work, but I have to be honest. The Kobo Touch is nice because it comes with different coloured quilted backs, but I've always preferred the Kindles. A customer showed me his Kindle Touch a few weeks ago and I knew I had to have one.
  • Everything goes through Amazon. My account is linked to my Kindle, I can buy books easily from there (one-click purchase will be the end of my bank balance!) and their customer service is the best around.
  • I know lots of people with a Kindle and reviews are good

So far I've hardly had my Kindle out of my hand. I've organised my books into collections (folders), like YA, ARCs for Review, Adult, Finished etc. I've only had to charge it once in three weeks, and battery life seems pretty good so far. I think the battery needs to be charged a few times before I'll get maximum usage out of it, but so far so good. I've read five e-books in two weeks, and am now on my sixth. I find it really easy to read on, thanks to the e-ink screen and fast page turns.  I've had no problems yet I feel better knowing that, if I do, my Kindle is guaranteed for a year through Amazon and I also have additional insurance for a further two years.

I'll never stop buying, reading and reviewing physical books, but I like that now I've got the option of reading e-books too. Not only will my mum be glad that my ceiling won't fall through, but I'll be able to save a bit of money and read ARCs without having to then worry about finding good homes for physical copies.

I'd love to hear feedback and thoughts from anyone else who has recently bought an e-reader or is thinking about it. I'm glad I took the plunge!


Catherine said...

I have a Kobo :P but I have to say, ereading is great. I was originally one of those "nothing can be better than a REAL book" people but I got over that by reminding myself that I am reading for the story, not the paper.

I also got it for the reasons you did, as space is a huge issue. Plus I can borrow books from the library without having to leave the house!

thefictionstroker said...

I have to agree that e-readers, and specifically, the Kindle are a tremendous invention. The ability to have multiple books and annotate or highlight them opens up a wealth of possibilities.

For reviewers, the eARC revolution does allow smaller press especially to approach reviewers cost effectively.

E-readers are never going to wipe out books, booksellers have had to tweak their game certainly, but e-readers, I think and hope, have attracted even more people towards engaging and enchanting stories.

SisterSpooky said...

i did the same as you for the same reasons really. though i opted for the Kobo which i love but still haven't cracked the converting Amazon ereads so i can access on the kobo which i've been told i can do with some software but i think it hates me

Vivienne said...

Yay! I am so pleased you have one I got it for Net Galley mainly, but now I never travel without it in my bag as I don't like carrying heavy books.

prophecygirl said...

@ thefictionstroker - I love the annotate and highlight feature. It's so handy to make notes and remember details for reviews.

christina said...

Congrats! I love e-readers. And oh my, that Amazon One Touch WILL be the death of me. I will be swallowed by debt. ;-)

Carrie said...

I was exactly like you and just didn't want to get an ereader. I finally ended up getting a Kindle and now my issue is this. I have bookshelves that I NEED to have collections on. It's essential to me. My husband wants to kill me I think. If I get a book on Kindle and it's, what I refer to as a "keeper", then I want that book (and any other books that follow to complete the set) in hard cover. Therefore, I end up buying the darn book(s) twice.

I've also found that I can read a book on my Kindle twice as fast. I'm reading 150 to 200 books a year now and I was around 80 to 100 with regular books.

The downside is that some of my books are in hard cover and I find myself choosing a book on Kindle rather than reading my hard cover just because of the convenience. That has caused a major issue of falling behind immensely on certain series that I'm reading. Usually I'm right up to date with my series and currently I've got about 10 or 15 series that the next book (and sometimes 2 or 3) are in need of being read and I haven't done so. Soooo behind.

So I love my Kindle so much but it has actually cost me more money because I have duplicated several books and series and I'm neglecting other series that I have in hard cover because it's not on the Kindle.

Regardless of the above.... I would still recommend a Kindle/kobo/whatever to ANYONE.... especially people who read a lot but don't necessarily collect books.

Carrie said...

Oooh yeah,,, and I really really want the new Kindle Touch/Fire??. Mine's great but that touch screen one with the coloured pages etc... Gotta have it!

prophecygirl said...

@ Carrie - I know exactly what you mean! I seem to read Kindle books faster (wonder why that is?) and there are a few I've read that I know I'll end up buying the physical copy of (Catching Jordan by Miranda Kenneally is one of those).

Of course there are still lots of books I'll be buying in hardcover, favourite authors/series etc. I find e-books are good for books you want to read but wouldn't necessarily need/want to keep on your shelves. Or ones you don't end up liking ;)

Miss Remmers said...

I am SO excited for you! I bought my Nook a year and a half ago and have yet to actually purchase an eBook - NetGalley keeps me pretty occupied. :)

Leanna (Daisy Chain Book Reviews) said...

Go grab Burn for Burn on Netgalley! :)

Glad you're enjoying your Kindle. I love my Sony reader. It's such a space saver!!

Siobhán @ Totally Bookalicious said...

Welcome to the world of ereaders!!!!

caroline.taylor078 said...

Thanks so much for posting this, I was exactly the same as you, pretty anti e-readers but lately I have been wanting a kindle and its mainly for all the reasons you wanted one, the main one being space, I am really running out of space for many more physical books.
I am thinking of getting one for Christmas and my plan is I'll buy physical copies of all the books I know for definite I want to keep but then if there is books I'm not as bothered about keeping I'll get them for the Kindle.
I'm glad you are enjoying it so much, I was worried about the pages flashing as you turn them which I would find off-putting.

prophecygirl said...

@ Caroline - So far the page flashes haven't bothered me at all and I've hardly noticed them. That was initially a concern of mine too. Hope you get one!

cathbore said...

I adore my Kindle, I was very anti-ereader until I got one of my own - the morning it arrived is now known in our house as The Happiest Day of My Life (bar my wedding, I have to say that lol)

Cat @ Beyond Books said...

I'm still anti-eReader, but I think that's because of my total aversion to reading a screen. I am very concerned for my headaches and light-sensitive eyes. I know people say the e-ink thing is different, but I don't know...

I do like some of your arguments though. Books that I would want to read but not really want would be nice to read that way. My problem is I love the physical BOOK too much to let it go. I love to LOOK at books and the way they feel and I love to collect them. I am collecting them not just for the story but for the covers, etc. I lose that in e-books.

I suppose I am one of the few who couldn't care less about NetGalley only because I don't like ebooks over real books. I have a feeling that having ebooks for review would just drive me crazy because I am worried I'd lose track of them all if they aren't there, in physical form in front of me. ;) Out of sight, out of mind.

I think perhaps if my library had ebooks and I could integrate borrowing books and an eReader that might sway me a little. Downloading books right to a device and not having to go in would be interesting. However my library has crap for English language books anyhow, so I'm not surprised they don't have ebooks. :P

You have totally valid points but I still think I'm going to hold out as long as possible. Right now the only way I can see myself with a eReader is if I win one or someone gifts me one. ;)

prophecygirl said...

@ Cat - Ha! You sound like me last year. Stick to your guns ;)

I love collecting books too. After all, e-books don't have pretty covers and you can't get them signed!

Darren @ Bart's Bookshelf said...

I switched from my Sony to the Kindle a few months ago, and I'm really pleased I did.

While I will always prefer printed books (especially those series and authors I really love) but for for the rest I'm more than happy these days to read it in either format.

Karen (Euro Crime) said...

Congrats Jenny! I have both Kindle and Sony and the Kindle has been a much better bet with the great battery life, wifi etc. Checking the 99p daily deal is rather addictive!

AmieSalmon said...

I had no idea that publishers used e-readers for ARCs now. (Although it makes a LOT of sense.)
I was recently given an Ipad as an early bday present, but am yet to try reading an e-book on it. (Although I've heard the Ipad isn't as good for reading books on.)
I think I'm going to have to buy a Kindle as a joint present for me and my Mum later in the year, seems like a good investment.

Jill said...

I love my Kindle too. I need to take the time to make collections on it though a all my stuff is all mixed together. Glad you are enjoying your purchase.

Carrie said...

@ prophecygirl "I find e-books are good for books you want to read but wouldn't necessarily need/want to keep on your shelves."

LOL ~ that's what I started doing and then ended up liking the book so much I had to get physical copy anyway. I tried! I really did! haha I'm trying to be much more careful now though.

Becky said...

I love the instant gratification thing.

I love the preview, try before you buy thing. There is nothing worse than a great premise, you buy the book and then the style irritates you. This solves that problem.

I have had some annoying instances with my kobo. A couple of times it crashed when I had no other book with me. I had to go to Foyles and buy a book. Twice. But both times that happened it was with a Netgalley book. So now I don't bother with them. I didn't want to give Amazon all my business. That's the only reason I didn't opt for Kindle.

I've used my Kobo to read my own manuscript too and that made life so much easier.

I love it. It will never replace buying the books of my favourite authors but it may save me from my husband's wrath! ;-)

Cat @ Beyond Books said...

OK.. three days after I commented on this, I am STILL thinking about eReaders differently and am actually going into the store today to look at the Kobo Touch (in Canada the Kobo is the more practical one, especially since my university library has ebooks only for Kobo).

I am telling you this because in all of the years of people talking about eReaders you are the ONLY person who has ever got me actually thinking about one in a way other than "ignore, I don't care." The fact that I am still thinking about it, three days later, is proof to me that this is something I need to look into. I'm one of those people who goes by gut feeling and if it's still on my mind and in my dreams three days later, I need to follow that.

Sigh. Curse you, woman. ;)

Marie said...

I had the first gen Kindle and I had both the Nook Color and Nook Touch and now I have the Kindle Fire. Kindle is the best and easiest e-reader I've owned (it might also be because majority of the books I buy are from Amazon anyway) but I loveeeeeee my Kindle! Also it's so Convenient because like you said, a lot of publishers give out ARC's through NetGalley now. Plus since I'm in the process of moving back and forth, packing up books suuuuuck!!

Also I like the Kindle Lending Library idea :P

Jesse Owen said...

I opted for Kindle too and for the same reasons you did. Completely agree about how easy it is to read off it. Bizarley I find that I read a lot faster on the Kindle than a hard copy book lol.

I wouldn't stop buying paperbacks but I can see it being very useful for review copies and books that I struggle to find in bookshops :)