Monday, 30 July 2012

Review: Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry

Publisher: Mira Ink
Format: Paperback
Released: August 3rd, 2012
Rating: 7.5/10

Amazon summary:

I can't remember the night that changed my life. The night I went from popular to loner freak. And my family are determined to keep it that way. They said therapy was supposed to help. They didn't expect Noah. Noah is the dangerous boy my parents warned me about. But the only one who'll listen. The only one who'll help me find the truth. I know every kiss, every promise, every touch is forbidden. But what if finding your destiny means breaking all the rules? 


I first heard about Pushing the Limits a few months ago and I must admit I didn't pay much attention to it. It sounded like a few other books I'd read before all rolled into one, and it wasn't until I received a copy for review that I decided to give it a go. I'm glad I did because it's a genuinely good book and I couldn't turn the pages fast enough!

Pushing the Limits is the story of Echo and Noah, two teenagers having therapy for different reasons. Echo is the popular girl with a life-changing event that has left her a loner and Noah is the bad boy trying to save his family from foster care. Echo and Noah meet, sparks fly, secrets are revealed and pasts are revisited. All in all it's a pretty simple plot but one that is believable and executed well.

It took me a good few chapters to properly get into this book, but once I did I was hooked. It's gritty, realistic (to a point) and compelling, though I do think it was slightly too long. I also had a hard time with all the drama - there just seemed so much of it! Echo and Noah never seemed to get a break and instead had one horrible thing after another thrown at them and it made it hard for me to fully identify with them.

I really liked Noah and his unwavering loyalty to his younger brothers and, while I did like Echo, I didn't connect with her as much. She always seemed distant to me, and maybe that's because I could never truly imagine what it would be like to be in her position. The romance in this book was brilliant and reminiscent of something you'd find in a Simone Elkeles novel. Noah and Echo were so well matched and they really ds heat up the pages!

The dual narrative and easy, addictive writing style made Pushing the Limits a fast read for me. I was pleasantly surprised and now understand all the glowing reviews I'd read. Although not quite as good, it's the perfect book for fans of the Perfect Chemistry series and I'm looking forward to reading more by Katie McGarry. I love finding new contemporary YA authors!

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Zoe Crook said...

This sounds amazing, I have pre-ordered it and can't wait for it to arrive. Thanks for the great review! :)