Friday, 3 August 2012

The Wonder of Books #1: Between the Lines

Every now and then I see a book that looks so beautiful I want to keep it on my shelf forever, regardless of how good it is or if I'll ever actually read it. I think this is a symptom of Book Collecting Obsession, otherwise known as the life of a book lover. To honour these books and their extremely talented publishers to make them what they are, I'm going to highlight them here on my blog and include lots of lovely pictures so you can see what I'm talking about.

This feature won't be weekly, but I'll do it whenever I come across one of these books that makes me say "Wow!" to no-one in particular. All images can be enlarged if you click 'em, and don't read the text too carefully in case there's a sneaky spoiler in there.

Up first is...


Between the Lines
by Jodi Picoult and Samantha van Leer

Published by: Hodder Books
Released: July 2012

What Amazon says it's about:
Delilah knows it's weird, but she can't stop reading her favourite fairy tale. Other girls her age are dating and cheerleading. But then, other girls are popular. She loves the comfort of the happy ending, and knowing there will be no surprises. Until she gets the biggest surprise of all, when Prince Oliver looks out from the page and speaks to her. Now Delilah must decide: will she do as Oliver asks, and help him to break out of the book? Or is this her chance to escape into happily ever after? Read between the lines for total enchantment...

This is the dust jacket that is all bright yellow and shiny gold. Very, very eye-catching!

The book itself is a lovely shade of purple, with gold text for the title and authors.

It has been fully illustrated throughout and includes artwork like this. It just looks amazing!

Different coloured fonts, page illustrations and pretty first lettering!

An illustration of a dragon. I'd frame this and put it on my wall if I could!


Beverley said...

Ohmigosh, I absolutely LOVE having a finished copy on my shelf! It's so pretty and very unique <3 The full-page colour illustrations are beautiful and I love the different colours for the various viewpoints!

Cliona said...

Thanks for this feature, now I know I have to get a finished copy of this - it's so beautiful! :) i only have the ARC at the moment :/

Zoe Crook said...

Wow, what a BEAUTIFUL book! <3 I need to get my hands on this, because of the story and the gorgeousness. ;) Between The Lines looks amazing, I keep seeing such great reviews for it too. Books of Wonder is a great feature, I'm looking forward to your next one :)

Zoe @

Cat @ Beyond Books said...

Certainly a very wonderful finished copy. I wonder if I had the colour and art in the arc I got if I'd be able to enjoy it more. I have had a lot of trouble getting into the story. :( But that finished copy is stunning!

christina said...

The prettiness of the book was the only thing I liked...

Bungle said...

I thought the same about this book! I ended up with two proofs and a finished copy (I was told to use a proof as a giveaway which was brill). I took photos of the inside just as you did to share with my viewers, it's just so beautiful.