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Unspoken Blog Tour: Sarah Rees Brennan Talks Gothic Novels + UK Giveaway!

Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan (who, by the way, is quite brilliant and very funny) was published in the UK last week - hurrah! Here's what it's about:

Kami Glass is in love with someone she's never met - a boy the rest of the world is convinced is imaginary. This has made her an outsider in the sleepy English town of Sorry-in-the-Vale, but she doesn't complain. She runs the school newspaper and keeps to herself for the most part - until disturbing events begin to happen. There has been screaming in the woods and the dark, abandoned manor on the hill overlooking the town has lit up for the first time in 10 years. The Lynburn family, who ruled the town a generation ago and who all left without warning, have returned. As Kami starts to investigate for the paper, she finds out that the town she has loved all her life is hiding a multitude of secrets- and a murderer- and the key to it all just might be the boy in her head. The boy who everyone thought was imaginary may be real...and he may be dangerous. 

Thanks to Sarah for writing a great guest post for me and I hope you check out the book!

What is a Gothic novel?
I will tell you the basic shape of a Gothic novel. (Like the shape of a mystery is: someone is dead! Suspicions abound! Detection ensues. Turns out the person who did it is someone who it makes sense that they did it, but a narrative trick means they were not the people you most suspect!)
People also call Gothic novels ‘Gothic mysteries’ or Gothic romances.’ Like, you know, either a mystery or a romance, same thing. And there is a lot of both mystery and romance in a Gothic novel! But let us concentrate on what Gothickyness itself actually is, or we will all RUN MAD!
This is how a Gothic novel generally goes.
GIRL: I have met a sinister yet handsome man, and a sinister yet handsome manor.
MANOR: I am full of secrets.
MAN: This property is totally secret-free and so am I!
GIRL: I think something is up.
MAN: Baby I have no idea why you would say that!
MANOR: Many mysterious and terrible things occur inside and around me! People getting buried alive, lunatics in the attic, fires. FIRES.
GIRL: I don’t want to be high maintenance about this, but I think my LIFE IS IN DANGER.
MAN: No, no, baby, it’s all good.
GIRL: Maybe my life is in danger FROM YOU.
I love a Gothic novel. Gothics are books which talk about girls being able to say ‘Okay, I don’t feel safe’ and be right, and rescue themselves. http://sarahreesbrennan.com/2012/08/house-of-ladies-intrepid-in-danger-into-good-books/
In this day and age, girls don’t have to go live in their great-uncle’s Gothic manor anymore, plus they have match.com and singles bars so they can meet Mr ‘Right Attitude Toward Murderous Houses’ and not have to make do with anyone super sketchy.
But kids still have to go where their parents want them to go, and do what their parents tell them to do. http://sarahtales.livejournal.com/199374.html
So I thought it would be fun to write a Gothic novel about teenagers, and have the kid trapped in the Gothic manor be a boy.
One of the joys of Gothic novels is having a girl around who suspects things are really off and is totally right. So while the boy is trapped in the manor, I saw a perfect opportunity to have a GIRL REPORTER researching said manor! As a childhood fan of Lois Lane , I think every Gothic needs a girl who wants to investigate matters and solve mysteries: http://sarahtales.livejournal.com/194421.html
Menace, danger, mystery, romance, boys being tormented and girls being awesome. What’s not to like about a Gothic novel?
I hope you guys will like mine.


Thanks to Simon and Schuster UK, I have a pretty cool giveaway for all my UK readers. Here's what you can win:

  • A set of Sarah's Demon's trilogy
  • A set of Demon's badges 
  • A Demon's bookmark
  • A copy of Unspoken

Rules & info:
  • Open to UK only.
  • End date: September 25th, 2012.
  • One entry per person.
  • You do NOT have to follow my blog to enter.
  • Books will be sent out by the publisher.

Fill in the form below to enter, and good luck!


AmieSalmon said...

Brill guest post - Sarah never fails to make me laugh. She is just brilliant.

I have heard UBER amounts about Unspoken, and I can't wait to read it.
Also, thank you for hosting a wonderful giveaway :)

Dead Book Darling said...

*waves* (Hi! Long time, no see!)

I adore Sarah so very very VERY much.... but ick! That cover is just wrong. Saw it at Foyles and did not approve.


Not that that will stop me from buying everything published in Sarah's name!