Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Zombies Don't Cry Blog Tour: Rusty Fischer Guest Post!

Zombies Don't Cry was published in the UK on the 1st October and sounds like a great read for fans of the walking dead! Here's what it's about, courtesy of publisher Electric Monkey:

This is a living-dead love story. Maddy Swift is just an ordinary girl, until the fateful night when she is struck by lightning and wakes up face down in a puddle. Then it's goodbye to all things Normal - such as breathing and having a heartbeat - and hello to yellow vision and a whole new Afterlife. Turns out there's a lot more to being a zombie than shuffling and groaning, but surviving school as one of the living dead requires a totally different set of skills. And things don't get any easier when Maddy realises that she's not the reanimated student at Barracuda Bay High...


An Interview With the Author, Courtesy of His Main Character!
By Rusty Fischer, author of Zombies Don’t Cry
So, it was suggested that I let Maddy, my main character from Zombies Don’t Cry, interview me. I… well… I didn’t know what to say to this but “yes,” obviously. What a great idea! Or… was it? Time will tell!
Here, presented without comment, is what the main character of my novel, Zombies Don’t Cry, had to ask me when she finally got the chance:
Maddy: Hello, Mr. Fischer. May I call you Rusty?
Mr. Fischer: Hi, Maddy. Sorry, but… I’d prefer it if you didn’t. I was a teacher for many years and it just feels wrong if you were to call me by my first name. Do you mind?
Maddy: Sort of, but I’ll get over it. So, my first question MR. FISCHER is… why did you give me such a mean BFF?
Mr. Fischer: Hazel? Mean? How do you figure? Okay, I kid, I kid, but she’s really not mean, she’s just one of those “I know what’s best for you” people. Besides, folks will love to hate her.
Maddy: That’s fair, I suppose. Next question: why zombies? Why couldn’t you make me something cool, like a vampire or werewolf or something?
Mr. Fischer: Zombies are cooler than all of those other monsters combined. I mean, did you really want to sleep all day and walk all night? Or spend four or five days a month covered in fur with twelve-inch claws?
Maddy: Fair enough, but… why do you keep answering a question with a question?
Mr. Fischer: Sorry, I didn’t realize I was. Was that an actual question?
Maddy: See, you’re doing it again. Mr. Fischer: Sorry.
Maddy: That’s okay. You’re a writer; you’re not used to talking to people. So, what I really want to know is… who do I end up with, Dane or Stamp?
Mr. Fischer: Maddy, you know I can’t answer that. Let me ask you this: who do you want to end up with?
Maddy: Mr. Fischer, you know I can’t answer that. Okay, let’s get serious now: what made you want to be a writer?
Mr. Fischer: Great question! Well, like I said, I was a teacher for many years and I used to love to share good books with my students. I loved it when they read, and got excited about reading, and when I “grew up,” I wanted to do that for a living.
Maddy: Did you ever read to your kids about zombies?
Mr. Fischer: Ha, no, no, I don’t think the school board would have approved that!
Maddy: Do you think your former students would like to read Zombies Don’t Cry?
Mr. Fischer: I hope so, and since I pretty much made it PG-13, I even think the school board would approve it.
Maddy: Yeah, thanks for that, by the way. Moving on, here is my last question: is there any advice you would give young writers today?
Mr. Fischer: Absolutely, I’m glad you asked. I would definitely tell them to write what makes them happy, what interests them and what they’re passionate and to never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER give up!
Thanks, Maddy, for coming to life just this once to ask me all these great questions!
Yours in YA,
About the Author
Rusty Fischer is the author of Zombies Don’t Cry, as well as several other popular zombie books, including Panty Raid at Zombie High, Detention of the Living Dead and the Reanimated Readz series of 99-cent living dead shorts. Rusty runs the popular website Zombies Don’t Blog @ www.zombiesdontblog.blogspot.com. At Zombies Don’t Blog you can read more about Rusty’s work, view his upcoming book covers and read – or download – completely FREE books and stories about… zombies!


Lucy York said...

Very funny interview, Maddy sounds like a scream (!) - will have to read this one :-)

Jesse Owen said...

This brightened my morning :)

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