Friday, 4 January 2013

Review: Rise of the Guardians Film Tie-in Titles

There's an array of Rise of the Guardians tie-in books available for children, and I'm reviewing five of them here. If you're a fan of the film, or even if you haven't seen it yet, these books are really fun reads and include lots of extras too!

All of these books are published by Simon and Schuster Children's Books in the UK and were all published in October 2012.

Guide to the Guardians
Did you know that Sandy is the oldest of the Guardians or that Jack has been eighteen years old for over three hundred years? No? Well you soon will!

Guide to the Guardians contains all the information you could ever want to know about the Guardians. There's sections for each Guardian - North, Sandy, Jack, Tooth and Bunny - which include memorable quotes, character profiles and images from the film. There's also room to record your own dreams and decorate Easter eggs and, as if that wasn't enough, there's six trading cards and a sticker sheet included!

 Made in the North Pole

Made in the North Pole is a fun picture book that tells you the story of how all North's presents get made, tested and delivered at the North Pole. It's illustrated throughout with stills from the film, including many of my favourite little mischievous elves! In this book you'll learn how every toy starts out as an ice sculpture made by North, edited being made by the yetis and tested by the elves. There are also two sticker sheets inside that should keep you busy for hours!


The Story of Jack Frost

Jack Frost is possibly the most popular character in Rise of the Guardians, though I'd have to say my favourite is Baby Tooth! This book tells Jack's story from beginning to end and is illustrated throughout. There are no stills from the film but the art is great all the same and will delight young Jack fans. There are a few plot spoilers included, so make sure you read this one after you see the film!

 Jamie to the Rescue!

Jamie to the Rescue! is a Ready to Read book for level two and is very similar to The Story of Jack Frost. It's illustrated with new art based on scenes from the film and tells the story of Pitch and the Guardians from Jamie's perspective. It's an easy to read chapter book with, as the back cover states, longer sentences, simple chapters and high-interest vocabulary words. Perfect for younger readers!

Movie Novelisation 

This is a great junior novelisation of the film - it's just like watching it! I've seen it ten times at the cinema so far, and there was still the odd bit of dialogue I wasn't sure about. Now, thanks to this book, I know exactly what everyone said. There's also some lines of dialogue/scenes in this book that didn't make it into the film, some of which are quite different to the finished version. I love finding stuff like that as it gives a small insight into film making and editing, what works on screen and what doesn't. This novel is a nice size too, perfect for a quick read and it has the added bonus of movie images in the middle. I think I'll just read this any time I want to see the film. Until I own it, of course!


Becky said...

I never used to get the whole movie-tie in book. The ones I'd tried were just not written to read like "books". They read like films. But then I had a total reading slump and read a Stargate Atlantis tie in novel. Now I am a total fan of tie ins. It made me realise every book has its place.

Great post!

Silent Midnight said...

Hey you probably don't remember me but I went to WHSmith a while ago and you helped me pick a book out (Mortal Instruments). You also told me about how you met the cast of Twilight :P

prophecygirl said...

Becky - I love tie-ins. Especially the Buffy ones and movie novelisations.

Silent Midnight - I remember that! Hello!

Silent Midnight said...

Hey :) and seriously? you remember? :P