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Salvation Blog Tour: Anne Osterlund Guest Post!

Salvation was published in the US by Speak on January 10th, and here's what it's about, courtesy of

Salvador Resendez--Salva to his friends--seems to have it all. He's Student Body president, captain of the football team, and has a near-perfect GPA. Everyone thinks that he could have any girl, and go to any college, that he wants. But how could he ever leave his family? After the death of this mother, his father and younger sisters need him more than ever. Then the most unlikely girl in school--shy, quiet Beth--catches his eye, and with her help, Salva starts to see things differently. And when a tragic accident strikes, Salva is forced to accept that life is too short not to pursue your dreams.
Thoughtful and romantic, this is a beautifully written story about following your heart and fulfilling your potential.

Thanks to Anne for writing this guest post, and you can visit her site here.


A Volatile Top Ten
By Anne Osterlund (with help from Beth and none from Salva)

The living room has been invaded by guys. Salva; his older brother, Miguel; and Salva’s friend, Tosa, are spread out on the furniture with their eyes glued to the television and— shudder—a football game. The scent of popcorn permeates the room.
I open the door to the outside world. “Off to Wondrous Reads!” I declare. Beth instantly pops her head out from the library room. “Will we be reading?” “No, we’re talking about our top ten contemporary YA novels,” I explain. “I don’t read novels,” Salva says, failing to get up from the couch. He has about ten books lying around the house and they’re all nonfiction reads like The History of the World’s Most Polluted Places.
“You can fake it,” I say.
Perfect Chemistry!” Beth sings from her place on the library room threshold. Salva almost chokes on his popcorn. Beth is a HUGE Simone Elkeles fan, and Salva has issues with the stereotypes. Personally, I love the whole cookie magnet scene in Rules of Attraction, though my favorite Simone Elkeles novel is actually Leaving Paradise.
The Outsiders,” I say, because I feel we should give credit where credit is due. And we definitely need some applause for the book that helped kick off the entire YA genre.
Catching Jordan.” Beth leaves the threshold. Her socks slide across the slippery kitchen floor as she heads toward the living room. I realize we’re in a competition now between modern contemporary books and the favorites I read when I was a teenager. “Dare by Marilyn Halvorson,” I say. (I had a serious stint of troubled-hot-guy reading when I was in high school).
Twisted,” Beth replies, just to prove that she reads troubled guy books too. “The Other Side of Dark.” I throw in a little suspense and Joan Lowery Nixon. Salva turns up the volume on the television.
Just Listen by Sarah Dessen,” Beth counters.
The Wind Blows Backward,” I answer. That one deals with an English class and a hot guy. Beth is definitely a fan of both.
“I’m feeling sick,” Salva says.
“First down!” the sports announcer shouts, and the guys all throw popcorn at the TV screen. It’s a good thing Salva knows how to vacumn.
I get that he’s not coming to Wondrous Reads. As the main character in Salvation, he should really participate in all the tour stops, but I decide it’s not worth fighting him on this one. I’m pretty sure Beth and I aren’t going to need his input about this particular topic.
She takes one glance at the football fest in the living room, slips on her sandals, and veers straight toward the open door.
Pushing the Limits,” she says to me. Cheating. She knows that one is next on my to-read shelf.
Life Without Friends,” I answer.”
“Oh,” she sighs. “Derek is wonderful.”
And we leave the smell of popcorn behind us.

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Dead Book Darling said...

That was ridiculously clever, adorable, and brilliant - everything I come to expect from Ms. Osterlund.

Can't wait to read Salvation!