Saturday, 9 February 2013

Review: The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien

Publisher: HarperCollins
Format: Paperback/e-book
Released: April 20th, 2009 (new edition)
Rating: 8/10

Amazon summary:

Sauron, the Dark Lord, has gathered to him all the Rings of Power – the means by which he intends to rule Middle-earth. All he lacks in his plans for dominion is the One Ring – the ring that rules them all – which has fallen into the hands of the hobbit, Bilbo Baggins. In a sleepy village in the Shire, young Frodo Baggins finds himself faced with an immense task, as his elderly cousin Bilbo entrusts the Ring to his care. Frodo must leave his home and make a perilous journey across Middle-earth to the Cracks of Doom, there to destroy the Ring and foil the Dark Lord in his evil purpose. 


I FINALLY read The Fellowship of the Ring! Yay! After almost a year of reading it, stopping for months and picking it back up, I got to the end and patted myself on the back. Not because it wasn't excellent, because it was, but because it had just taken me so long to feel like reading enough to finish it. I love these stories and have a small(ish) obsession with Peter Jackson's movie trilogy. I've watched them over and over and am well versed in all things Middle-earth. But I'd got to age twenty-five without reading a single one of the books. How bad is that?! But no worries, I'm a third through the trilogy now and will be reading The Two Towers next year!

I won't bore you all by talking about the plot of this book, as I'm sure you guys all know what it's about. Instead I want to talk about what a genius Tolkien was in coming up with this stuff. He created some of the world's best loved characters in Frodo and Gandalf, and a world that I'm sure I and a lot of other people wish they could live in or visit. I'd love to be in the Shire with a little Hobbit-hole and the odd visit from my favourite grey wizard. GENIUS! Alas, I don't think it's going to happen anytime soon so I'll have to be content with watching The Hobbit in cinemas.

Even though I love fantasy, I think I'm better watching it rather than reading it. I sometimes find books hard going, just because of how detailed they are and how many different names and places there are to remember. Watching the LotR films before reading the books helped me a lot, and in turn I didn't really have any problems getting through the book. It was written in the 50's so of course it was a bit different to what I'm used to ( I admit I rarely read older novels) but still fairly easy to read. I really enjoyed it!

So, there's a quick review of The Fellowship of the Ring and my Lord of the Rings love.They're timeless stories that will be around forever, and they're my favourite fantasy films of all-time. I'll let you know where the books stand when I finish reading them all!


Lynn said...

Ahah - well done. Double pat on the back.
Lynn :D

Taschima Cullen said...

Wow, you are a brave woman. I have never been able to get through it, after the 5th song I was like "screw this, I have other things to read" and they hadn't even left the shire yet!! So slow... I am too a fan of the movies but I find it impossible to read the entire books, even though I know I should. Someday, maybe.

Lizzy said...

I love the movies, too. I've struggled my way through the first two books, not because they aren't well written, but they're so dense with information (and new characters you meet and never see again).