Friday, 5 April 2013

Light Blog Tour: Michael Grant's Reasons to Read the Gone Series!

Light, the sixth and final instalment in the GONE series, was published in the UK last week and to celebrate I'm taking part in Egmont's blog tour. There won't be any spoilers here as I'm quite behind with the series myself, but I hope this post may make you want to read the series if you haven't already!

There's also a new GONE online game and you can find it here.

Thanks to Michael for the following post - enjoy!


Why Read The GONE Series? 

1) Because right on page 1 every single adult or authority figure disappears.
2) Because Sam can shoot light out of his hands.
3) Because Diana is just such a snarky bitch.
4) Because Brianna is the only 12 year-old in kid’s books who has ever decapitated anyone. And laughed.
 5) Because Gaiaphage, that’s why.
 6) Because Lana might heal you with her touch. . . or shoot you with her .45 automatic.
7) Because Astrid. So hot. So cold. So smart. So blond.
8) Because baseball bats. Baseball bats with spikes.
 9) Because we’re having microwaved cat for supper! Mmmm.
10) Because where else are you going to get a gravel boy named Orc with a serious drinking problem?
11) Because Albert: young capitalist, entrepreneur and future Tory.
12) Because of the one true pairs. Caine and Diana. Sam and Astrid. Dekka and Brianna. Edilio and. . . not telling.
13) Because sometimes with great power comes no responsibility, and that’s Little Pete.
14) Because who doesn’t like a little light cannibalism?
15) Because Stephen King loves the series and he’s kind of a god.
16) Because everyone agrees the series actually gets better with each book.
17) Because how cool are bugs eating you from the. . . Um. Yeah, that was kind of gross.
18) Because #17 still isn’t as gross as the Red Vines. You’ll see. Book 5, FEAR.
 19) Because there’s a psychopath with a 10 foot long tentacle arm and he has fangirls!
20) Because for almost 3000 pages you will not be bored.



Cliona said...

Definitely good enough reasons for me to read this series ;)

Brenna Jordan said...

I'm on to the second book Hunger and this is already my favorite series ever and i'm only 10!

Anonymous said...

If you're ten, I wouldn't suggest going past book three, because there is older content past that. I don't know if you know about that stuff, and if you don't, it probably wouldn't be the best way for you to find out.

Anonymous said...

Probably not