Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Review: Mariella Mystery Investigates - The Ghostly Guinea Pig by Kate Pankhurst

Publisher: Orion Children's Books
Format: Paperback
Released: April 4th, 2013
Rating: 7.5/5

Amazon summary:

Mariella Mystery (That's me!) - totally amazing girl detective, aged 9 and a bit. Able to solve the most mysterious mysteries and perplexing problems, even before breakfast. When their teacher Miss Crumble spots the ghost of her pet guinea pig, Mr Darcy, in her back garden, she doesn't know what to think. But Mariella knows it's up to her and her fellow Mystery Girls to get to the bottom of The Case of the Ghostly Guinea Pig. 


Mariella Mystery Investigates: The Ghostly Guinea Pig is the first book in Kate Pankhurst's mystery series for younger readers. It introduces Mariella Mystery as one third of The Mystery Girls, a team of clever super-sleuths (they even have a handbook that goes by this name) who solve mysteries from the comfort of their tree house HQ.

Mariella's two best friends, Poppy and Violet, round out The Mystery Girls, while Mariella's little brother, Arthur, tries his best to help but really just gets in the way. In this first book, ghostly guinea pigs are being seen around town and no-one knows why they glow in the dark or just where they come from. It's a mystery only Mariella and Co. can solve, and so they set about closing the case as quickly as possible so as not to frighten unsuspecting residents.

The Ghostly Guinea Pig is a fun start to this new series and comes complete with very funny, and very cute, illustrations by author Kate Pankhurst. It's fast-paced and humorous and keeps readers guessing right until the end. Where are the guinea pigs coming from and why do they appear so ghostly?! All will be revealed!

I enjoyed this book and would happily carry on reading the series, which continues with Mariella Mystery Investigates: A Cupcake Conundrum. I like a good funny book, and I tend to find most of those in the 5+ age range. This book is a great addition to fiction for younger children and is one I'm sure they'll enjoy. After all, who doesn't like solving a mystery about cute glow-in-the-dark guinea pigs?!

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