Sunday, 28 July 2013

Goblin Secrets Blog Tour: Extract and Video!

Goblin Secrets, by author William Alexander, was published in the UK on July 18th by Much-in-Little. It sounds like a fun book, and here's what you can expect:

Welcome to Zombay, a town full of mystery, magic and make-believe. Once upon a time, Rownie lived there with his mother and his older brother. But his mother drowned in the town's vast River; and then his brother vanished; so now Rownie runs through Zombay's riddlesome streets orphaned and all alone... alone except for Graba, the coddle-headed, chicken-legged witch who offers him shelter along with the other stray children she has collected - her Grubs.Rownie suspects that his brother's love of acting - which is severely outlawed in Zombay - led to his disappearance; so when Rownie encounters a theatrical troupe of goblins daring to perform a play for the townspeople (with masks and stage-tricks and everything!) he wonders whether they might hold the key to discovering what happened to his brother... and perhaps even help him find him again.Thus opens a dazzling heroic adventure - of immense love, loss and all-conquering courage - in which one boy's quest for the truth, leads him to learn his greatest power may lie in his mighty and boundless imagination...

 Here's an extract for you to read as well as a video of Will reading from Goblin Secrets - hope you enjoy!



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