Friday, 19 July 2013

Review: Faking It by Cora Carmack

Publisher: Ebury Press
Format: Paperback
Released: June 6th, 2013
Rating: 7/10

Amazon summary:

Every girl likes a bad boy... And Max's current boyfriend is as bad as they come. She knows her family would freak if they saw his tattoos and piercings. So when her parents turn up unannounced Max grabs the most wholesome guy she can to play her boyfriend. But Cade Winston is so perfect that Max needs him to keep playing the part. And the more they have to fake their relationship, the harder it gets to just pretend.


Faking It is Cora Carmack's second New Adult book, the brilliant Losing It being her first, and this time she focuses on Cade's story. Bliss and Garrick make a couple of very welcome appearances, but the page time and real focus goes to Bliss's best friend Cade, who is only a secondary character in Losing It. He's still getting over Bliss when he meets a girl, Max, in a coffee shop, who turns out to be more important to him than he ever could have imagined.

Cade and Max both have their fair share of emotional baggage, which is thoroughly explored throughout the book. Cade's is mainly concerning Bliss, while Max's is more to do with her family, freedom and a past tragedy. Each story unfolds in time, and both Cade and Max are instantly likeable. Not as much as Bliss and Garrick, but those two are pretty special and can't be compared to, in my opinion.

Faking It doesn't have the same intense feeling as Losing It, and doesn't quite live up to its predecessor. It gives it a good try, though, and Carmack's writing has undoubtedly improved. That's one of the best parts of her books - her writing. It flows effortlessly and hooks the reader in with its charm and style. I can see her improving and honing her craft with every book, which should bode well for Finding It, the third novel in the series and one that is all about Bliss's friend Kelsey.

For me, Faking It falls short of . Cade and Max didn't have the effect on me that Bliss and Garrick did, though I still whipped through the book and enjoyed it. Carmack is probably my favourite New Adult author so far, and that's largely thanks to her writing style and her content being more YA than NA: there's sex, yes, but it's not overly gratuitous and certain aspects are left to the imagination. I'd love to see her try her hand at YA, actually - I think she'd do a great job!
Losing It

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