Saturday, 27 July 2013

Review: Olive and Moss Board Books by Nina Govan

Publisher: Egmont
Format: Board book
Released: July 1st, 2013
Rating: N/A - I'm no board book expert!

Amazon summary:

Have fun in the sun with Louis the Lion, make some music with Michael the Monkey, drop in for tea with Margot and Mo and meet all the animals with Collette the Cow! Join these four characters on an early-learning journey of colours, shapes, numbers and noises which is rewarding for both parent and child.


Books for children this young are completely new to me, but I'll try to give my thoughts anyway. These four new Olive & Moss books each focus on a different learning activity: Margot and Mo is numbers, Collette the Cow is colours, Michael the Monkey is noises and Louis the Lion is shapes.

I'm guessing children will love these board books. They're colourful and fun, with beautiful illustrations inside. They're also very educational and a great way for kids to learn first numbers or colours etc. I have a neighbour who has a child at just the right age for these, and I'm sure they'll appreciate making learning so much fun!

If I had to pick a favourite out of these books, and yes, I have one, it'd have to be Collette the Cow. This one focuses on the colours of different animals Collette meets, and features the cutest little frog and bluebird. So, on top of learning different colours, children will also learn about animals at the same time. I also like mice so Margot and Mo and their tea party would come a close second.

These are all really nice, well produced books that are sure to catch the eye of children and keep them entertained while at the same time expanding their knowledge. They're durable, too, so shouldn't get ruined or chewed through during the reading process. Do kids this age chew board books? I'm not entirely sure, I'm only basing that on tiny people I've seen in the bookshop where I work. Either way, I hope Louis the Lion is safe from little hands!

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