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UK Publisher Spotlight: Indigo 2013 (Fierce Fiction) with Publicity Manager Nina Douglas!

Indigo, Orion's teen imprint, is one of my favourite UK publishers and they really do publish some fantastic stuff. My recent favourite is Shadows by Paula Weston which you'll read more about below - I loved it so much. My friend Nina has kindly taken the time to write about some upcoming Indigo books that will be in shops very soon, and I hope you all agree that Indigo really *is* publishing some fierce fiction! Without further ado I'll hand you over to lovely Nina, though I may jump in with a few thoughts!


I’ve always loved the posts that the brilliant Jenny here at Wondrous Reads, posts, with highlights from a particular publisher lists. We are having such an exciting year at Indigo (@fiercefiction), that I was thrilled when she asked me to take part and compose a list for you. I thought I might do this a little differently and introduce the titles myself, instead of posting the blurbs from the books. So here goes your personal publicist pitch or virtual-pitch-meeting for late summer through to winter 2013:

We’re kicking off in August, month of beach holidays, lazy park days and hopefully some more of that lovely yellow thing in the sky that is currently gracing London with its presence. Here at Fierce Fiction Towers, we’re celebrating summer with #murderonthebeach. There is nothing better than something dark and dangerous to juxtapose with a perfect beach or pool – or park, or garden – view, than a story that gets your heart racing and your mind guessing at a line-up of potential suspects. A good (murder) mystery is made for summer reading as far as we’re concerned.

First up is the second book from the fabulous James Dawson (@_jamesdawson); a tribute to his teenage love of Point Horror (so much so that he has launched a Point Horror Book Club – details here if you are similarly minded: CRUEL SUMMER is publishing on 1 August. A group of friends head for a summer holiday in a glamorous Mediterranean villa, desperate to forget about the shocking events of the previous year and the apparent suicide of a close friend. Everyone has their secrets, and in the summer heat, it becomes very clear that this group of friends is anything but friendly… trust no-one, and you just might get out alive…

[Wondrous Reads: YA horror! Yeeeees!]

The second book in our #murderonthebeach special is from the lovely Kate Harrison (@katewritesbooks). The third and final instalment in the gripping SOUL BEACH trilogy, SOUL STORM is heading for these shores on 1 August. So far we’ve had two volumes of twisting mystery, with an uncanny edge (think life after death online, and social networking for the dead) and the final book doesn’t disappoint. I changed my mind three or four times over the course of the book as to the killer’s true identity!

[Wondrous Reads: Who doesn't like a good murder mystery, eh?!]

The 3rd September sees global publication of Holly Black’s (@hollyblack) wonderful THE COLDEST GIRL IN COLDTOWN. A whole new world of darkness and decadence from a master storyteller, this is a really original story of rage and revenge, love and loathing. Tana is one of those protagonists that drags you deep into her world – never predictable, her decisions make second guessing the story almost impossible! In a world very like ours, ghetto-like Coldtowns play host to those with a very particular disease of the blood. Coldtowns are a glamorous cage, a prison for the damned – and anyone interested in spending the rest of their lives partying with them … some long to enter, but once you enter you can never leave.

Just released: the global book trailer:

[Wondrous Reads: OMG I am so excited to read this book. I love me some vampires!]

In October we’re really excited to be publishing something of a departure from the highly acclaimed Marcus Sedgwick (@marcussedgwick). An exceptional tale of coincidence and courage, belief and determination: a unique view of the world through a narrator who knows exactly what she is looking for. Laureth Peake is someone I am dying for you to meet – the book is set in the UK and Manhattan and is an exploration of coincidence, bravery, love and trust.

In SHE IS NOT INVISIBLE Marcus Sedgwick has created something very special in this glimpse into a life lived with a visual impairment. A life lived with a uniquely dysfunctional family. A life lived looking for the quirky details and coincidences that make you feel there is something more.

[Wondrous Reads: I love Marcus Sedgwick. That is all.]

Also in October – after what feels like a long wait, though her first book was only published in January 2013, we have the highly-anticipated HAZE by brilliant Australian YA author, Paula Weston (@paulaweston). A brilliant new look at the Angel theme in YA, with a unique setting and set up, reviews for Paula’s debut, SHADOWS, have been exceptional. Gaby’s nightmares following a tragic accident that killed her twin brother have been plaguing her – but all is clearly not what it seems when the man she spends her sleeping moments fighting monsters with turns up at the local bar. Unpicking half memories, and confronting strange and uncomfortable truths, Gaby must face the fact that the life she is living is a construct. After the shock revelations of SHADOWS, what Gaby decides to do next could change everything.

[Wondrous Reads: Seriously, Shadows is amazing. I can't wait to get my mitts on Haze!]

And finally, in November I am so thrilled to be introducing you to the new novel by the award-winning Sally Gardner (@thesallygardner). TINDER is a very special book – one that I read through once very quickly, and skipped straight back to the beginning the moment I finished to savour again. I’m afraid I’ve been likening it to many other authors to give a sense of the beauty of this story, think; Markus Zusak, Margo Lannagan, Angela Carter and Lewis Carroll and all at once very Sally Gardner!

Cruel and enchanting, dark and involving – this is an adventure, an allegory and a tribute to returning service personnel – and a simply beautifully written story. And even better? The hugely talented David Roberts will be illustrating throughout in a different and frankly stunning artwork style. Watch out for cover reveals and sneak peeks into the story and sketchbook from author and illustrator.

[Wondrous Reads: How good does this sound? I'll be reading it very soon...]

Thanks so much for having me – I hope that you agree that we have a really exciting 6 months ahead!

(Senior Publicity Manager, Orion Children’s & Indigo/ @ninadouglas)


Leanna (Daisy Chain Book Reviews) said...

So many ace titles coming up! I've read Cruel Summer and thought it was amazing! I'd love to see more YA horror!

So Many Books, So Little Time said...

I'm super excited for The Coldest Girl in Coldtown!

caroline.taylor078 said...

Cruel Summer and Soul Storm are 2 books I have been looking forward to, I also wish there was more horror in YA, would love it to be the next big genre like it was in the 90's with Point Horror, Fear Street and Christopher Pike.