Friday, 16 August 2013

Review: Have a Little Faith by Candy Harper

Publisher: Simon and Schuster Children's
Format: Paperback
Released: August 1st, 2013
Rating: 9/10

Amazon summary:

Year Ten has just begun and I'm already in trouble. The way Miss Ramsbottom acts you'd think I'm always causing explosions or giving teachers' radical haircuts (whereas it was just that one time). And now she's separated me from my best friend, Megs, which means I have no one to give me a piggy back or check for dangly bogies. At least the school is trying to make amends by bussing in boys for our choir. So I can stare at Dreamy Finn until he realises I'm the girl for him… except he's singing a duet with my sworn enemy and her big head keeps blocking my view. Fortunately, I've got a plan to solve both problems; as long as I'm careful with the squeezy cheese and the underage driving everything should be just fine...


Have a Little Faith is the funniest book I've read this year, and the funniest since a new Georgia Nicolson book graced my shelves. I laughed out loud all the way through it and was sorely disappointed when I got to the end and realised there was no more to read. There's a second book being published in 2014 though, which I can't wait for. Hurrah!

Have a Little Faith is about fifteen-year-old Faith, year ten school student and all round prankster. She embraces her school days as if she were a character in the Just William books, getting up to no good and causing mischief. Her teachers despair (especially Miss Ramsbottom who, I think, would quite like to be rid of her) and constantly dole out detention forms and trips to the head's office, and what does Faith do? She appears to actually enjoy it, causing havoc for all involved!

I love books like this, they really make me laugh and I'm a big fan of the daily diary format that this is written in. It's full of boys and teenage angst, perfect for its target audience and anyone else who stumbles across a copy. Candy Harper has a way with words, a hilarious turn of phrase so dry and deadpan that I'm positive we'd be friends if we ever met.

Although Faith is the star of the show, the supporting cast of characters compliment her perfectly, especially best friend Megs who is just as bonkers as she is. Many hi-jinks ensue when they're together, leaving them in several situations I'm sure they wish they weren't in! Like, for instance, attempting to drive a teacher's car to a new school parking space...

Have a Little Faith is one of my favourite books of the year so far and I'll be recommending it to anyone who will listen. It's perfect for existing readers of Louise Rennison's classic Georgia Nicolson series and Sue Limb's Jess Jordan books and is actually better than certain instalments of those series. That's very high praise indeed!

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