Friday, 20 September 2013

Discussion Post: Kindle Update - 15 Months On

In June 2012, I bought a Kindle. It's something I said I'd never buy or like, but I bought one anyway and instantly fell in love with it. Now it's September 2013 (well, August as I write this) and I've had my Kindle for just over fifteen months. It's almost never out of my hands and I love it more than I ever thought I would. I wanted to do a bit of an update, because I know a lot of readers are still on the fence about Kindles and eReaders, as I was before I actually bit the bullet and purchased one.

I'm still of the opinion that Kindles are the best eReader around. Ironically, I still sell Kobo's at work and it's a big part of my job. I know a lot about them, I've seen all the models and have had a mess around on them. If I had to get a Kobo, I'd go for the Aura HD, though I can't see myself switching eReaders. I like Amazon too much. Anyway, my allegiance must remain between me and the internet. ;)

In my original 'I Bough a Kindle' post from 2012, which you can see here, I talked about the reasons why I bought an eReader. They were, primarily, so I could use Netgalley, save space and spend less money on books I will probably only read once and have no room to keep hold of. How has all this worked out for me? Pretty well, I think.

  • I adore Netgalley. I really do. I have the opportunity to read a lot more US YA fiction that I used to have to try and import, and I also get to read a lot of UK books, some a lot earlier than publication. It's so easy to navigate and use, and it's always exciting to check if any new books have been added to the catalogue. I think it's a genius invention.

  • Have I saved space? Yes I have! The bottom line is I wouldn't have been able to buy the 336 books I currently have on my Kindle. Our house simply doesn't have the room.
  •  I've spent a lot of money on books for my Kindle (both adult and YA), but I've saved a lot by not buying physical copies. I wouldn't have kept them all anyway, so it would have been a bit of a waste to buy all the US titles as £12 hardcovers and then have to give them away. I've bough a lot from the Amazon sales, the prices ranging between 99p and £2.99. I've bought some slightly more expensive ones too, like Lauren Graham's Someday, Someday, Maybe that I think was £8. Still cheaper than the hardback and it's delivered instantly. Win, win!

On top of those reasons for initially buying an eReader, I've also found some other perks. I would never ever dream of taking a physical copy of a book anywhere with me, unless I had it twice or it was a reading copy. However, I practically take my Kindle everywhere. It comes to work with me almost every day and I read for 45 minutes to an hour before I start work. I read on the train when I travel anywhere, even if it's just for half an hour. I find that I read more because I'm not confining myself to just reading in my house, and I seem to read eBooks quicker full stop. I don't know why that is, but it appears to be the case.

I've also bought more adult books than I usually would, thanks to Kindle daily deals, promotions and 99p sales. I haven't read many of them yet, but I've got them waiting and hope to get round to them sometime. I've discovered new authors too, some of who only publish in eBook format. Oh, and I now have a small addiction to New Adult titles, most of which started off as eBooks before being picked up by major publishers. I don't like them all, but that's the same for any genre I read.

I've had no problems with the actual device, no freezing or faults (touch wood), and I hope to have it for a few more years at least. By that time I'm sure there'll be many more, better Kindles, and I will definitely buy one with a built-in light, just so I don't have to have a lamp on when I read. Buying a Kindle is one of the best decisions I ever made and I'm so, so glad I did it. 


maya said...

I'm glad you're enjoying your Kindle! I'm still very firmly a print book girl, although I can definitely see the benefits of an e-reader. For instance, when I go travelling in a few years I will probably invest in a Kindle, because otherwise there would be no room in my suitcase for any clothes! Great post :)

Jesse Owen said...

I bought a Kindle just over a year ago too, but although I can see its benefits I can't motivate myself to use it - I think I've read one book on there - oops!

I think it's probably because I like my gadgets to be a little more shiny - very tempted by the Kindle Fire though!

Great post :D

Terri S. said...

Yay another ereader lover! I adore reading ebooks for the same reasons! They can go anywhere and they take up no physical space. My apartment is small and I have no more room for THINGS, so it's absolutely imperative that I can buy new books without taking up space.

caroline.taylor078 said...

I have had my kindle since Christmas and I am really happy I got one after being very much like you and being very anti them at the start. The majority of books I have on it are free or were under £2 and the most I have spent on a kindle book is about £4 so I am definitely finding some bargains.
The main thing I like about it is the space saving issue, much like you I just do not have the room to buy endless amounts of books, mine are piled up between 2 houses and I am still running out of space so I do like the kindle for that reason.
It has introduced me to the NA genre aswell, every NA I have read has been on my kindle (which doesn't bother me because I have thought most NA covers are really quite lame.) Also I have found a lot of self published authors whose work I have really enjoyed at ridiculously low prices.
One huge downer I have with the kindle are I have realised it doesn't perform well in certain weather conditions, when mine gets too cold the pages lag and take ages to turn and I had a very similar experience when I was reading outside at the caravan this summer too in the heat, they seem to only really like mid temperatures and struggle in everything else, it also gets very hot in the summer outside aswell which doesn't make for comfortable reading. What makes me laugh about this is the advert for the kindle where it shows people reading on holiday in the heat in the pool - yeah right!
Still despite that little issue I am very happy I own one.

Becky Scott said...

Really interesting to read this because I have a Kobo and it has let me down three times when I've taken it on long train journeys. I have been so miffed. I also have real trouble reading it by my bedroom light. I'd quite like to get a Kindle Paperwhite. I think I'd be able to see the text better. Any thoughts?

I confess I do love to buy Stargate Atlantis books on my Kobo. I so would not buy one in paper format.

We're moving house next week and the number of books I have in the house is out of control. I've been loaning stuff from the public library so I don't have to buy it.

Also with Netgalley - when I download on to my Kobo the text is so small I can't read it. Is this a problem with Kindle?