Friday, 27 September 2013

Review: Weirdos vs. Quimboids by Natasha Desborough

Publisher: Catnip Publishing
Format: Paperback
Released: October 1st, 2013
Rating: 8/10

Amazon summary:

Cursed by the initials BUM, saddled with woolly liberal-minded hippies for parents and an UNDYING love for the Proper Real-Time HOT Felix Winters, BLOSSOM UXLEY-MICHAELS is a seething mass of sexual frustration and political confusion. But when she s invited to work on the school radio, Blossom s convinced her status is about to rocket from Weirdo to Winner . . .


Weirdos vs. Quimboids is Natasha Desborough's debut YA novel and is a perfect fit for fans of Louise Rennison and Sue Limb who, in my eyes, are the Queens of Comedy. It's laugh-out-loud funny, clever and quirkier than one of Paloma Faith's hats. I defy anyone to read this book and not laugh.

Blossom Uxley-Michaels is cursed with the initials BUM, mad hippie parents and a best friend called Petrina who actually drools when talking to her crush. It's embarrassment all round for this unlikely lot, whether it be at school during trampoline club or at home being wedged between parents and unable to escape watching programmed about sex. Talk about red-faced shame - poor Blossom has much more than her fair share!

Blossom is a hilarious heroine, reminiscent of Georgia Nicolson's early years and her quest to understand teenage types. She basically puts her foot in it on a daily basis, gets all kinds of food stuck in her braces and pandas to Petrina's lutraphobia - yep, that's the word for a genuine phobia of otters. Who ever said books don't teach you random facts?! On top of all that, Blossom and Petrina form a moderately successful rock band called Camel Toe. Make of that what you will, dear readers, but know that it provides a LOT of funny moments.

I'm happily putting Blossom Uxley-Michaels in the same boat as Georgia Nicolson and Jess Jordan, now my three favourite funny fictional females. I'm hoping there'll be a sequel at some point, as I obviously need to know more about what happens to Camel Toe and their quest for world musical domination. So, just to reiterate: this book is VERY FUNNY and COMPLETELY MAD. Read at your own risk - there's a 95% chance you'll end up snorting a drink through your nose when you see the word penazzle. You have been warned.

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maya said...

Haha, this novel has such a funny name! It sounds really good and I love books that make me laugh, so I must look out for it. Lovely review!