Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Review: Why I Let My Hair Grow Out by Maryrose Wood

Publisher: Berkley Jam
Format: Paperback
Released: March 6th, 2007
Grade rating: 5/10

Amazon summary:

Being sent to your room is one thing. But being sent to another country? Morgan's boyfriend dumped her on the last day of school-it seemed the only thing to do was to hack off her hair and dye the stubble orange. Unfortunately, Morgan's parents freaked and decided a change of scenery would do her good. So they're sending her off on a bike tour of Ireland. But Morgan gets more than she bargained for on the Emerald Isle-including a strange journey into some crazy, once upon a time corner of the past. There, she meets fairies, weefolk, and a hunky warrior-dude named Fergus, and figures out that she's got some growing to do-and she doesn't just mean her hair.


I read this book because I wanted a quick, light read. It was fun, as predicted, but I didn't think it was nearly as good Wood's other book I've read, The Poison Diaries. The premise was brilliant and I loved the idea, but for some reason I didn't click with it. Half the story is set in real-time Ireland, while the sharp-tongued Morgan is on a bike trip. The other half takes place way back in time, in a faerie realm. Ordinarily I would have jumped for joy at that (I love faeries), but I didn't like any of the faerie parts. I didn't like the characters, which was a shame. Not even Fergus, who was like a hunky warrior type. I know from reading reviews that other readers didn't necessarily feel the same as me, which just shows how subjective this reading lark can be.

Why I Let My Hair Grow Out did have some good bits, and they all transpired in present day Ireland. Morgan was HILARIOUS. Some of the one-liners she came out with made me chuckle like a strange person, so much so that my sister asked me what the heck I was laughing at. It was one particular comment about all bald people knowing each other that really got me - it was so deadpan and dry. Loved it. Her thing with Irish Colin was fun too, and he's so the right person for her. I wonder what happens with those two in the sequels? I'm kind of intrigued...

While half of Why I Let My Hair Grow Out didn't do much for me, the other half did. The writing was witty and quick and, like I said, the idea was pretty genius. I have a feeling I might like the sequel better, as I don't think that flits between modern day and faerie realms (I could be wrong though, so don't quote me on that). I'll definitely give it a go, because I want to see what Morgan does with her hair next.

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