Thursday, 12 September 2013

US vs. UK: Every Day Covers


I haven't read Every Day yet so I don't know what significance either of these covers have, but I do have a first impression preference: the US one. To me it looks so much more appealing - if a bit too adult - and, faced with the choice, I'd buy that edition. I actually have a UK copy to review, and I really don't like the bright orange colour. It's quite garish in real life. I do like the people made of words though, that's a nice touch.

I like the UK title and author font more, along with the placement, but the US image used is so much more eye-catching to me. The colours are slightly dull (better in person?) but much better than the bright orange. I'm looking forward to this one and seeing what the covers represent, even though I'm not overly fond of either!

Do you have a preference?


thepagesage said...

I LOVE the US cover. The UK cover is ok, but if it's really as gaudy as you say then I'm sticking with the kind of understated beauty of the US one! :)

Sara at The Page Sage

caroline.taylor078 said...

I really like the US one with the bleak moody colours, when I first saw the UK one I was so disappointed we had been palmed off with that one. It does nothing for me.